Forum Thread: Are There New Folder, Gesture, & Multitasking Features Hiding in iOS 7?

There could be some hidden features coming up in iOS 7, though it's unknown whether Apple plans to implement them into the finalized public version, or if they are just there for testing purposes.

Hamza Sood (via 9to5mac) has discovered additional gesture, multitasking, and folders options. It's currently unclear how Sood found these hidden options, because they are not currently accessible in the iOS 7 beta version for developers.

Some of the new gestures include Corner Swipe, and possibly improved Edge Swipe and Press-and-Hold gestures.

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There is also apparently options for hiding preinstalled apps and folders like Nike+iPod and Newsstand, as well as creating folders within folders.

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To see all of the hidden features in action, like blur effects, coloring, and animation speeds, check out Sood's video below.

When (and if) we find out how Sood accessed these supposedly secret features in the iOS 7 beta, we'll report back. If you know, feel free to give up the goods!

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