Forum Thread: Messages to Android Delayed by Several Hours

Hey folks! So my friend and I cannot figure this out. When I sent a text to her from my phone (XS, latest iOS), her phone (Android, unknown) sometimes does not receive it for several hours - up to a whole day, even. This doesn't happen with every message, it's completely random. One message can go through, the next she'll get like 9 hours later.

More interestingly, she says I'm the only friend this happens with, and I don't have any other friends who get my messages late. It seems our two phones are sworn enemies. To answer any questions:

  • we're both on T-Mobile
  • she's never had an iPhone, so mine wouldn't be trying to send her an iMessage
  • we've each had the same phone numbers for years
  • I do have 'send as SMS' switched on
  • there are no carrier setting updates for my phone
  • this has only been happening for a month or two
  • I am typically on WiFi during the day, I would assume she is too, but this is hard to track (which networks were we on when the message was sent vs received? who knows)

I can't find mention of any issue like this except cases where the phones were on different carriers. Any ideas?

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