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Forum Thread: Simple Mobile APN Settings?

So many times my data network disconnected in my iPhone. Please some settings to get proper Data connection and solve this issue. I think in my network settings issue Simple Mobile APN Settings. Share your answers if, find best solution for 4G network errors

Forum Thread: How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone?

I need small info i want to hide messages from my girl friend, while she access my iPhone 8. If you have idea about how to hide text messages without deleting the conversations or individual messages on my iPhone. I can expect New iPhone Cashback offer in India and also how to to prevent incoming text messages from displaying on iPhone's lock screen and Notification Center.

Forum Thread: 7 Tips on Free Up Space on iPhone in iOS 11

We may own 16GB, 32GB, 64 GB or 128GB iPhone, but how to free up space on iPhone is a hot topic forever. Especially, there is a lot of us are still stuck with 16 GB iPhones. To help us out, Apple keeps adding space saving features in iOS updates. iOS 11 improves a lot in saving more space for old iOS users though it's not enough to satisfy us. But we can still find some ways to clear space on iPhone in iOS 11.

Forum Thread: iOS 12 Beta 2 Is It Worth Updating !!

iOS 12 Beta 2 is Out! - Should You Update? Beta 2 presents quite a few minor but still new changes to further refine iOS 12. In this video we analyze those features and talk about if this update is worth it for you! Share your experiences with beta 2 if you have it downloaded to you device and enjoy the content. Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video

Forum Thread: How to Screen Mirror iPhone to PC

Screen mirroring iPhone to computer is not difficult nowadays with the introduction of different mirroring programs on the web. However, most of the applications are costly and ask for registration or signing up before you can use the tool. So, if you can't afford to pay or lose your personal information, what will you do? Fortunately, there are some apps that can send iPhone display on your computer perfectly even without going through these processes. Check out the list below to know the be...

Forum Thread: IOS Monitoring via iCloud; Can We Decode the Data Ourselves?

So, its no secret you can monitor an IOS device if you have the users AppleID credentials via a 3rd party application like mSpy etc. My question is, can we obtain this information ourselves without including a 3rd party? Is there software readily available to retrieve and decode the icloud information into a practical GUI ? or even a basic Linux app which can pull that icloud information down into a xml, or something i could manually code to make sense of that data?

Forum Thread: Adobe document on Mac

I am working with pdf document almost every day. I almost finished yesterday evening, I wanted to send it to my boss. But Adobe Acrobat stopped working and it was closed by unknown reason for me. Now I can't find my last changes I made for some days.

Forum Thread: IPHONE X

It's not Apple's fault that you feel enslaved by your phone. But the company that gave the world the modern smartphone has a perfect opportunity this year to create a brave and groundbreaking new take on that device: a phone that encourages you to use it more thoughtfully, more deliberately — and a lot less.

Forum Thread: How Do I Get into My iPhone

I broke my phone screen ( the LCD and Touch capabilities ) and do not know how to get in. I need to back it up so I can apply it to my new phone. I cannot enter a password VIA touching the screen to put it in. I was actually planning on backing it up manually that day. I have had iCloud back ups, but these are almost irrelevant seeing as how they are a year and a half old. I ran out of space on my Free iCloud storage. I was wondering if there was any way to install a Jailbreak or something ma...

Forum Thread: HELP ASAP

I downgraded my IOS11 to IOS10.3.3 with my iPhone 6. Now my iPhone won't turn on, instead it only shows the apple logo. I tried everything. I tried restarting my phone using iTunes. But no luck. How do I deal with this? What should I do? I'm about to cry. Help please.

Forum Thread: How to Post Panoramas on Instagram

Posting panoramas on Instagram has always been a tricky subject. Techies around the world have found a really nice way to counter the fact that social media usually tries to fit really wide panoramas in a tiny square post using videos, a grid, etc. Since February 22, 2017, Instagram allows users to share swipeable multi-photo posts. With this new kind of post, a whole new world of possibility opens.

Forum Thread: How to Combine Your Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and iTunes into One Music Library

As a music fan, I am constantly switching between music services – Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes, Apple Music, the list goes on. This is frustrating for many reasons. I have to build multiple music libraries in order to keep track of all the music I love. I can't build playlists with content from multiple platforms. It can also be difficult to share music with friends, especially when they subscribed to a different streaming service.

Forum Thread: Unknown Apps Installed..

Hello guys,recently i'm getting unknown apps installed on my iphone..Not just any apps.they are apps like the game mortal kombat,Avira antivirus,Damn daniel,etc...I had this before so i new formatted my iphone,erased everything.after i logged in the same apple id ofc..again with strange apps.I don't know if my apple id was hacked cause i don't think this is possible.I used it only on my phone,it's not even jailbroken.Please someone reply to me as soon as possible can my iphone be hacked?And i...

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