Forum Thread: Ultra Lock - a Photo & Video Vault iOS App with a Lot of Unique Lock Options Like TimePIN, DatePIN, BatteryPIN

Are you using any Photo and Video Vault applications to lock your private photos and videos? Are your friends, family, and colleagues finding your Vault PIN easily by looking over your shoulder? Are you tired of changing your PIN and Pattern very often? Here comes a solution, Ultra Lock iOS app.

Unlike other photo and video vault applications, Ultra Lock provides a lot of unique lock options along with the traditional PIN, Touch ID and FaceID based lock options. Few of the unique lock options in the app are,

Hours and Minutes PIN: Unlike the ordinary PIN option, if you choose Hours and Minutes PIN lock in the Ultra Lock app settings, your vault's lock screen PIN will be changing every minute to the current time on your mobile. So, your vault lock screen PIN will be changing automatically to the current time at every minute and you need not remember anything to recollect the PIN. Just look at time in the status bar and enter it. Still don't get it? Let's say you have selected Hours And Minutes PIN option and You try to open the Ultra Lock vault at 11:15 PM, the vault's lock screen will show up and ask for the PIN to unlock it. The PIN will be 1115 which is the current time your mobile. If you try to open the vault at 11:20, the PIN by that time will be 1120. So, the PIN will keep changing and your friends can't guess your PIN by looking over your shoulder.

Date and Month PIN: Date and Month PIN is similar to Hours and Minutes PIN whereas the PIN will be changing to the current date in the mobile instead of the current time. So, your PIN will be changing every day automatically to the current date. Let's say the current date is 12/14/2019 (mm/dd/yyyy format), so your vault's lock screen PIN will be 1412 (dd/mm).

Battery and Battery PIN: Battery and Battery PIN will set your mobile's current battery level as the vault's lock screen PIN. For example, if the battery is 50% then the vault's lock screen PIN will be 5050.

Minute and Date PIN: Minute and Date PIN will set the current Minute and Date as the vault's lock screen PIN. If the current time is 11:10 PM and the Date is 15th June, then the vault's lock screen PIN will be 1015 which is a combination of the current minute(10) and the current date(15).

Battery and Minute PIN: Battery and Minute PIN will set the current battery level in your mobile and current minute as the vault's lock screen PIN. For example, if the current battery level is 50% in your mobile and the time is 11:20 PM, then the vault's lock screen PIN will be 5020 which is the combination of the current battery level(50%) and current minute(20).

Like these, there are lot more unique PIN options like Minute and Date PIN, Date and Minute PIN, Minute and Month PIN, Month and Minute PIN, Hours and Date PIN, Date and Hours PIN, Month and Hours PIN, Hours and Month PIN, Date and Date PIN, Minute and Battery PIN, Battery and Hours PIN and Hours and Battery PIN.

Apart from the unique lock options,

Unlimited Albums: You can have unlimited private photo & video albums for free.

iTunes Share: Sync photos and videos directly to your vault using iTunes.

Break-In Alert: If someone ever tries to unlock your mobile, Ultra Lock will capture the photo of the person and notify you while you unlock the vault.

Unlock Log: The app captures a photo every time you unlock the vault. You can go through the Unlock Log to verify someone accessed your vault or not.

Last Unlock Time: Ultra Lock will show a notification with the last opened time of the vault whenever you open the vault. You can cross-check if someone ever opened your vault recently.

Touch ID & Face ID Support: You can unlock the vault using the Touch ID or Face ID as well.


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