Forum Thread: Not Really Happy with iOS 13.1.2 So Far.

Since iOS 13 iPhones (tested 7,7+,X and Xs) are having issues 1: overall lag and buggy mostly noticeable on 7, 7+ and X 2: on 7 when you turn on/off mobile data phone will hang for good 4,5 sec 3: 3D Touch made worse for these devices (not a bug but intended "feature") 4: problems at moving app icons around pages, when you are done moving your icons around and hit done all the icon will go back to their old place (7,7+) 5: no new feature for iPhone XS (for example: iPhone 11 has an option when you can take hand free video) this just is one example I think being a 1 year old device it should've got some feature.

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