iPhone 6 Leaks

News: Actual iPhone 6 Leaks Confirm Previous Leaks Were Spot On

Over the weekend—just days before Apple's big event—an actual iPhone 6 leaked on Chinese site cnBeta. Again, nothing here that we already didn't know about—Sapphire screen, round(er) corners, larger display, and new button stylings. Below are images of the new iPhone 6 next to the current iPhone 5S. We can clearly see the protruding camera module as well as sections on the top and bottom of the back where the antennas will be housed. A second source was able to put together some videos, as yo...

News: Apple's iPhone 6 Might End Up as Big as the Samsung Galaxy S5

If new leaked images are to be trusted, an iPhone with a display around 5 inches will be released later this year. From Italian site Macitynet, images show a device that's stated to be the new iPhone 6 side-by-side with the new Samsung Galaxy S5. A couple of weeks ago, I showed you leaked internal emails and memos that suggested Apple was concerned with not only Samsung's marketing strategy, but about the industry trend towards larger devices.

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