How To: Remove Stock iOS App, Without Jailbreak (iOS 6)

Remove Stock iOS App, Without Jailbreak (iOS 6)

At first glance, the iOS home screen looks nearly identical to the original release back in 2007. Though those experienced with the evolving iterations of iOS will tell you that the features have changed. Furthermore, with the App Store continuing to explode with (lets face it) better options than the stock software, these included applications are only causing clutter across the springboard.

The last two releases of iOS have included new applications. One of which, "Newsstand" is of particular annoyance as it cannot even be placed in a folder. There was a former fix for this, however Apple quickly patched that "bug". There is now however a new method for hiding Newsstand and most of the other stock iOS apps. The following will provide instruction and links to complete this on your own iOS device.

Hiding Apps

This iOS modification comes thanks to RAG3HACK. This method of hiding the stock apps is designed for non-jailbroken devices. Also, the effects are not permanent; if you would like a removed app to return, simply restart you device.

To hide the application use Safari to navigate to the RAG3HACK website (see URL list below). This site is set up as a mobile web app and is very user friendly on an iOS device. Navigate to the "Hide Apps No Jailbreak" listing. Scroll down to find the app you would like to hide. Selecting the menu item will prompt for an install, do this. The next message banner will explain that the install failed, this is normal. Press cancel on this dialogue box. Now it is as simple as deleting any other application. Place your apps in "Wiggle mode"by pressing and holding the application, then tap the "x" to delete the app. Then repeat for any other apps slated for deletion.

As mentioned above, the deleted stock apps will return upon the reboot of your device. This includes if you battery dies and then you recharge. Simply repeat the process to remove the apps once again. However, there is an easier way.

Passbook Quick Links

Also available on RAG3HACK's site is a feature called PASSHACK. This "pass" built for Passbook has quick-links in its info tab to all the apps to hide. Once this pass is added to Passbook, hiding your least favorite apps after a reboot becomes very simple.

Hide Apps -
PassHack -

Shout out to iDownloadBlog for featuring this hack and bringing it to my attention.

If you are looking for the same hack for iOS 7 look at This post.

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