News: This Hack Turns Your iPad into a Multi-Window Multitasking Powerhouse for $10

This Hack Turns Your iPad into a Multi-Window Multitasking Powerhouse for $10

Samsung and Microsoft do it out of the box, Google does it with a little tweaking, and they all do it well—multitasking. While we can hope for better (or simply any) multitasking integration for the next iteration of the iPad and iPad mini, a new jailbreak tweak eliminates the wait.

As long as you are jailbroken (iOS 7.0 to 7.0.6), head over to Cydia and grab OS Experience from iOS developer Evan Swick. OS Experience is a window manager that will allow your iPad to run multiple apps at once by mimicking Mac OS X's Mission Control and Samsung's Multi Window functionality.

With the tweak enabled, you'll be able to create multiple desktops (up to five) which control app windows. You can move them around, or resize them to your liking, then add additional apps to the same screen. All apps are independently functional of each other. Need to watch a video and take notes at the same time, no problem.

You can have a standard one app interface, or combine multiple apps to one window, even allowing you to "snap" them into place like Windows 7/8.

Using multi-touch gestures to navigate, you can use a 5-finger drag to bring up your Springboard, a 4-finger drag to bring up the dock, and more. Check out iTwe4kz's video for a more in-depth look at using OS Experience:

Yes, this tweak does come with a stiff price tag ($9.99), but it's well worth it to achieve true multitasking on an iPad, rather that using static app screenshots in the app switcher.

Now, OS Experience will somewhat drastically change the user experience on the iPad to one that is much more in line with OS X, and that may not be for everyone. Make sure to check out the videos above before taking the plunge, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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FYI, this was a jailbreak tweak before it was a samsung feature as well, so i think it would take more from quazar (which it resembles much more in functionality) than samsung's multi window (which is actually a bit more straight forward to use if you can believe it)

I don't like that changes the functionality of springboard and of the home button, good idea but like you said, no for everyone.

Would I get my money back?

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