iOS 12 iPhone Beta Re: Text Message Forwarding Glitch

iPhone iOS 12 Beta Information about Text Message Forwarding between Apple Devices

It appears that with the iOS 12 Beta, iPhone and Apple devices signed on properly to enable Text Message Forwarding does not work with the iOS 12 installed.

I have 2 iPhones running the iOS 12 Beta, and when the message to "Enter Code" pops up, you are NOT able to enter the code, and can only press "Cancel"

Maybe there are some simple reasons, but I've given up trying to enable my Text Message Forwarding between my two iPhone for now. Note: iPhone 10 and iPhone 7 Plus are the devices.

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Hi, yes I can also confirm that Text Message Forwarding seems to be disabled in iOS 12 beta, my mac OS High Sierra and iPad on iOS 10 both generated codes but was not prompted in iOS 12 to input them

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