Forum Thread: iOS 13 Bug - Company Short Codes Problem

I'm using an iPhone 6S Plus as my work phone and I updated it to iOS 13 tonight. We use four digit short numbers within the company to call each other on our cellphones, so if a colleague calls me i see a number like XYZT and not the full deal with country code-area code-phone number. A bunch of them I saved to my contacts, even designated emergency bypass etc.

But in iOS 13, my caller list is a mess because I cannot see names, I can only see four digit numbers. When I go to the details of the number, I can see the full contact details however. Another issue is from what I've heard from some other users was that names weren't showing up when someone in the Contacts called.

If anyone has a solution, I'd be happy to hear while I'm waiting for 13.1.

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