How To: Record Phone Calls on Your iPhone

Record Phone Calls on Your iPhone

You're most likely reading this because you're looking to get some evidence or recorded proof of an encounter. Maybe it's for your personal business to ensure great customer service, or maybe you just have a crazy ex who won't stop calling and breathing heavily on the other end of the line.

Either way, having a call recording protocol on your iPhone is always a great idea, so today we'll be going over two great methods of doing so.

Method #1: TapeACall

You'll find countless call recording applications on the iOS App Store, but TapeACall is the most-current and best-working app available. Additionally, it doesn't hurt that users have given it good reviews in comparison to its competition—similar apps are either outdated or require "credits" for use.

To get started, just enter your phone number and confirm the verification code provided to you via text.

After verifying your phone number, try out the recorder. Launch the app and tap the large recording icon. TapeACall will then call its recording service line, which is essentially how this process is possible.

Tap the "add call" option once it's made available and pick someone you want to call.

Next, you will have to wait a few seconds, then tap "merge calls" when the option is available. Once the calls are merged, you'll be recording your conversation.

When you've ended your call and are ready to listen to your recording, head back into the app and tap the play icon below the recording icon. From this menu, you can play a recording and share it in any number of ways.

With the Lite version, you can only listen to sixty seconds of your audio recording. With the Pro version ($9.99), you get unlimited playback as well as a ton of other useful features.

If you want to start recording a call that you're already engaged in, just tap "add call'" select TapeACall, then "merge calls."

Method #2: Google Voice

Google Voice is a great option because it's extremely simple to set up and completely free to use. The only downside is that this method only works for incoming calls. Get started by installing the Google Voice app on your iPhone.

Navigate to in your browser to set up your account. Google Voice can provide you with a free number or you can port your current phone number, but this option will cost you a one-time fee of $20 and will cancel your plan with your carrier. Check out the Google Voice Help page for more information before considering this option.

With your new Google Voice phone number all set up, head into the Google Voice settings within your profile.

From within the settings, select the tab titled "Calls" and check the box labeled "Call Options." This'll grant you the ability to activate the recording process by tapping the number 4 on the dial pad.

For legal purposes, after initiating a call recording, Google will notify the recipient that "This call is now being recorded," and yes, it alerts them even if you've muted the call.

To listen to any of your call recordings, head back into the app, open your inbox, and select the recording. As a bonus, Google will attempt to transcribe the recording for you, although its accuracy will certainly vary.

Hopefully, one of these services was able to get the job done for you. Feel free to comment below with your feedback or any questions you might have.

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Tape-A-Call has one major fault. If you call a number and merge your calls there is no way to enter an extension number.

There are better option but require jailbreak.

Or Andorid and use Automatic call recorder.

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