How To: Apple's New “Tips” App Wants to Make Your Transition to iOS 8 as Smooth as Possible

Apple's New “Tips” App Wants to Make Your Transition to iOS 8 as Smooth as Possible

If you thought iOS 7 was a drastic change from previous iterations, iOS 8 will certainly continue to rock the boat. From a revamped Control Center to enhanced "Continuity" to ephemeral messaging, Apple's newest mobile operating system will have many of you relearning the "basics."

To ease the anxiety and tension of learning a new system, Apple will be shipping a brand new app with the iOS 8 upgrade, aptly named Tips. As of right now, you'll start off with 9 tips, with new ones slated for inclusion every week.

So many iPad and iPhone users struggled to figure out even the most basic functions in iOS 7, including force-closing all apps, various wallpaper issues, and opening the hidden Spotlight search, so it's no wonder Apple is taking a proactive step to curb frustrations this time.

Apple's New Tips App: A Quick Rundown

On the first boot after loading up the new beta, you'll see an alert prompting you to check out the new app. Yes, it's a bit of hand-holding—a notification that many wouldn't want, and an app that can't be deleted—but Apple thought it was warranted, as there is much to explore in iOS 8.

Once in, you'll see six tips (for now) that you can scroll through. They offer simple animations to hit home on the main points, and can be helpful for the uninitiated.

Currently, these tips include responding to notifications faster, setting up notifications for email threads, using the "Hey, Siri" hotword command, sending a spoken message, new swipe gestures for Mail, and the new self-timer for the Camera app, most of which we've showcased before.

We presume that future tips will include sending maps in the Messages app, using the time-lapse feature, managing the Recently Deleted album, saving "all" media attachments in a message thread, using location-based app shortcuts on the lock screen, and the list goes on...

So, what do you think of the new Tips app? Will you find it useful, or is it just another app that you can't delete? Sound off in the comments below.

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