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Posting panoramas on Instagram has always been a tricky subject. Techies around the world have found a really nice way to counter the fact that social media usually tries to fit really wide panoramas in a tiny square post using videos, a grid, etc. Since February 22, 2017, Instagram allows users to share swipeable multi-photo posts. With this new kind of post, a whole new world of possibility opens.

This guide will introduce you to two techniques that get the best of Instagram's new feature to share awesome panoramas. Let's call the first one "the easy one." Using a simple app called Panoragram (other apps are available), we'll discover how to share Instagram-ready panoramas on the social media in no time.

  • Estimated time to share your panorama on Instagram using Panoragram: 30 seconds.
  • Supplies: 1 iPhone and 1 app.

The second technique will showcase a video tutorial that lets Photoshop Lightroom users get a panorama ready using masks.

  • Estimated time to share your panorama on Instagram using Photoshop: 10 minutes.
  • Supplies: 1 computer powerful enough to run Photoshop Lightroom, the software itself, and some basic skills.

Option 1: Using Panoragram

Panoragram is a simple app that will display a list of all the panoramas on your iPhone and in one tap getting them ready to be shared on Instagram. The app is available on the iOS App Store for free. How does it work? The video below shows how the app works from choosing your panorama to sharing it on Instagram.

The demo has been recorded on the French version of the app but it is available worldwide and translated in English, Spanish, and French.

After choosing a panorama, Panoragram will simply slice the image evenly in order for the user to be able to re-compose their panorama via a multi-photo post on Instagram. Just choose your panorama from the list and preview the result right inside the app before sharing it on Instagram.

Option 2: Using Photoshop Lightroom

Another way of sharing panoramas on Instagram would be to use a software such as Photoshop Lightroom CC. I personally didn't try this technique but it looks completely okay and well described in the video below.

Thanks for reading this guide, guys, and keep having fun on Instagram and sharing your best pictures!

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From panoramic pictures and polls to reverse stories and text adventures, this opens up many cool avenues.

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