How To: Skip Time Restrictions for Candy Crush Saga on Your iPhone for New Lives & Levels Faster

Skip Time Restrictions for Candy Crush Saga on Your iPhone for New Lives & Levels Faster

I hate waiting to play, and I hate bugging my Facebook friends even more. But that's what Candy Crush Saga makes you do if you want to get new lives and levels faster.

Luckily, you don't have follow King's rules—you can use a simple time hack to get new lives and play locked levels immediately on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. I've previously covered how to do this on both Android and iOS devices before, but this one's geared toward iOS devices only, and has been updated by KiboshGaming for iOS 7 users.

The above video will cover how to bypass the countdown clock for new lives immediately, how to skip the 24-hour waiting period for new stages (i.e. Mystery Quest levels), and the troubleshooting steps to fixing the 1,000+ minutes left problem you may get (which happens if you screw up and start playing before you're supposed to).

How to Get New Lives & Levels Right Now

After you lose all of your 5 lives in Candy Crush, or when you receive one of the 24-hour waiting periods during a Mystery Quest level, you've got to do the following steps exactly. If you screw up, you'll get a really large countdown clock the next time you lose all of your lives or finish a Mystery Quest level.

  1. Lose all lives
  2. Exit Candy Crush
  3. Go to your Settings app
  4. Tap on General
  5. Tap on Date & Time
  6. Disable Set Automatically
  7. Tap on the current date
  8. Change the time ahead (3 hours works; 1 day is easier)
  9. Go back to Candy Crush
  10. Verify you have 5 new lives
  12. Go back to the Date & Time settings
  13. Tap on the Set Automatically button
  14. Go back to Candy Crush
  15. Play
  16. Repeat

And that's all there is to it. If you follow these steps every single time, you'll never have to wait to play again, you'll never have to connect to Facebook to bug friends, and you'll never have to pay.

Wait, Now I Have to Wait Even Longer Next Time?!?

No, you don't. If you just couldn't stop yourself from playing your new lives right away, you've probably come across a super huge waiting period the next time, like as seen in the image below.

Don't worry. Fixing this is easy. Just takes some basic math and the original steps above. Let's use the time in the image above as an example (rounded up to 4,348).

How to Fix the Long "Time to Next Life" Problem

If you see 4,348 minutes remaining on the No More Lives popup, the only thing you have to do is go back into your "Date & Time" settings and manually change the time forward passed that 4,348 minutes.

  • 4,348 minutes = about 73 hours
  • 73 hours = just over 3 days

Just move your date ahead 4 days or more and you should be fine. Then, go back up to the steps above and start at the 9th step above, going back to Candy Crush and verifying your new lives. Then, make sure you DO NOT screw up the 11th step, i.e. DO NOT play right away. Instead, go back and change the time to automatic, then start playing and you'll be back to normal.

To see how this works on iOS 6 devices, or for Android devices like the Nexus 7 tablet, check out the previous time-skipping guide for Candy Crush.

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I deleted candy crush yesterday. It will not let me download it again, HELP

I have 187764:55:19 until my next life and my date is Jan. 1, 2038.

I'm in a real pickle.

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