News: iOS 11.1.1 Update Patches Widespread 'A [?]' Glitch, Ignores Calculator Issues

iOS 11.1.1 Update Patches Widespread 'A [?]' Glitch, Ignores Calculator Issues

Good news for those suffering from the "i" glitch, otherwise known as the "A [?]" bug: Apple has just released an official patch to fix the issue, in the form of a software update named iOS 11.1.1.

Users have been experiencing a strange bug in iOS 11.1 where the letter "i" would autocorrect to "A [?]," or "A" plus another symbol. Needless to say, the glitch has caused confusion and annoyance.

If you're one of those confused/annoyed, just head open the Settings app, tap "General," then "Software Update." From there, follow the on-screen prompts to download and install iOS 11.1.1 on your iPhone.

This shouldn't happen anymore. Images by Bryan Crow/Gadget Hacks

Along with the "A [?]" patch, Apple has also fixed a voice recognition issue with "Hey Siri." If you've noticed your iPhone assistant slacking off lately, this update may solve the problem.

What they didn't fix, however, was the laggy Calculator that makes quick calculations impossible, so you'll have to wait for iOS 11.2 probably to resolve that unless you want to check out our alternative solutions.

Apple had already addressed the "A [?]" bug in the second release of the iOS 11.2 beta. Users running that beta have nothing to fear in this regard, so no update is needed.

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Cover photo by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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