Forum Thread: Just Upgraded iPad Air to iOS 8. To My Horror, Photos Has None of iPhoto's Quality Tools...

iOS 8: iPhoto to Photos is a Nightmare. It's so dumbed down.

Just upgraded iPad Air to iOS 8. To my horror, Photos has none of iPhoto's quality tools. It's so dumbed down it's worth suing Apple. Should I revert to iOS 7?? Dangerous??

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Unfortunately, reverting to iOS 7 is not supported, but that's a good question. Our iOS Gadget Hacks team will try it out and create a guide for you if it's possible.

Any thoughts about the castration of iPhoto?

It's just that, after their worthless and clunky desktop iPhoto, the iOS 7 iPhoto was really cool and tool-loaded. Now they choose to rip its guts out, and that boils me...

Could agree more, loved the brush edits in iphoto, wish I had never upgraded the ipad !

I want iPhoto back!

I'm also a little puzzled by the need to "upgrade" something that worked just fine.

i loved my iphoto app sooooooo much. Before updatin, I used iPhoto edit my pics for my business on my iPad mini and now iOS 8 has caused my photos app to be perma stuck trying to migrate 91 pics which cannot be bypassed and my photos app is on a kicking loop.... Looking for my camera roll would be a heaven send compared to the bs I am now subjected to. I have a small business that's basically up sht creek because it actually relies on my photos, editing, and advertising... If I cannot access my photos on my iPad without having to reconnect to my laptop and I have to sacrifice my entire iPad library of misc work in order to start completely over again I'm screwed. I need those photos.....

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