iOS 8 GM Leaked: Here's How to Download iOS 8 on Your iPhone Right Now

Here's How to Download iOS 8 on Your iPhone Right Now

Apple released the iOS 8 Gold Master build to developers shortly after their WWDC event ended on Sept. 9th, which is jam-packed with tons of new features for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The public version comes out on Sept. 17th, but if you can't wait to test out iOS 8, you can get it right now.

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If you're already running iOS 8 beta 5 (or partner-only beta 6), you won't be able to use the over-the-air "Software Update" on your device, so you'll need to get the iOS 8 GM download from the developer site and install it via iTunes.

Update: Download & Install the Public Release of iOS 8

If you're still running a version of iOS 7 on your device and don't have access to the developer site, that's okay, because there have been many leaked versions of iOS 8 GM for you to download and install. Best thing is, the GM version can be installed with no problem on any device—dev or not.

We've rounded up all the leaks for you below, and will continue updating this list as we find them. If you know of any, let us know.

A Few Warnings...

Firstly, while you could easily downgrade from iOS 8 beta to iOS 7.1, the GM version is permanent. That means that your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch cannot be restored to earlier versions of iOS 8.

Secondly, as with any downloadable files on the Internet, proceed with caution. These are leaked files from the iOS developer site. We do not host any of the files listed below, so download these leaks at your own risk.

Thirdly, if you already have a beta version of iOS 8 installed on your device, Apple recommends erasing all content and settings before upgrading to the GM (12A365) version.

iPhone Leaks

iPad Leaks

iPod Touch Leaks

Link Sources

The links above were found from various leaks across Twitter, Reddit, a Russian tech site, and other forums.

How to Install iOS 8 GM on Your Device

Now that you've got it downloaded, make sure to back up your device using iTunes and get ready to install the GM version. It might be best to install as a new device, but you can also choose restore if you want. Check out my guide on installing iOS 8 beta for installation instructions, but only perform Steps #9 and #10. It's the same process as with the GM build.

If you already have iOS 8 beta and plan on following Apple's recommendation, back up your iPhone with iTunes, then "Erase All Content and Settings" from Settings -> General. When your iPhone starts back up, power it down. Then enter Recovery Mode like you would if downgrading, except afterward, you'll want to option-click on "Restore" in iTunes, select the .ipsw file, and follow the directions. Then, restore from your last backup.

Now Get Acquainted with iOS 8...

Okay, so you've got iOS 8 on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch... now what? Check out our guide on the best new features in iOS 8 to start playing around, or browse through our extensive library of iOS 8 tips to see all that you can do.

Just updated your iPhone? You'll find new features for Podcasts, News, Books, and TV, as well as important security improvements and fresh wallpapers. Find out what's new and changed on your iPhone with the iOS 17.5 update.


Downloaded and tried installing, but now I'm having a HUGE problem. After downloading the file and clicking "option" + "restore" and selecting the iOS8 ipsw file, the phone now shows a plug telling me the plug it into iTunes. The only problem is, every single time I plug it into the computer, iTunes keeps quitting.

What do I do???

If you are running OS X Yosemite, it is a bug in iTunes 12. You must go through a computer with Mavericks on it,

You're running Yosemite, I assume? I had the same problem (with my iPad too for an update a few weeks ago).

Apple just released an iTunes update that fixes that problem. Update and you'll be good to go!

David, I'm having the same issue. Tried two different Macs... hopefully I can get this resolved soon.

There is a bug in iTunes 12 on OS X Yosemite. It will instantly crash any iPhone/iPod/iPad in Recovery or DFU mode. You need to use a machine running OS X Mavericks for now. iTunes will automatically crash otherwise.

There's a new iTunes update that fixes the bug!

I'll test and provide feedback once I've successfully installed the iOS and activated it. I'm on iPhone 5s 1533 USA/T-Mobile GSM. I'm downloading from Torrent 1 in the above section by the way. My feedback will be based off of that download and installation. None others.

Okay, so the installation was effortless and worked without an issue. Upon rebooting, I was greeted with the typical start up and after following the prompts, I was dropped off at the iOS 8 home screen. I'm currently resetting all content and settings to make sure its clean and then I will test out the functions that will prove whether it is a current iOS 8 GM Build or not.

So this should be my final assessment. 100% legit and outstanding. Thanks to for the information and links. iOS 8 GM is running fluidly on my iPhone 5s from the above mentioned download link and model. Quick Reply is well worth it. I know I could have waited a week, but hey... ;)

Also, make sure you're running the ipsw via Mavericks. It will not work on Yosemite until iTunes 12 is updated to fix the restore bug. You will crash iTunes every time, regardless of the device. Hope this helped someone. Also, the IPSW is 2.05GB... For the A1533 device anyway. (GMS T-Mobile USA)

I used the MEGA link for the A1429 and it worked like a charm. I backed up, erased the phone, then option-click restored to the .ipsw, then restored from backup. Working great. Edit: Used iTunes 11.4 on Mavericks.

I couldn't get the mega link to work.

What about installing the ios8 gm on a 5s with yosemite running and itunes 11.2.2? My iTunes did not update so i am thinking i might be able to install the ios8 gm without a crash? any thoughts?

Should be okay, but on My Retina MacBook Pro, the update to iTunes 12 was compulsory. It wouldn't let me stay on 11.4, even when I downgraded back to it. Had to use a machine with Mavericks. Let me know if you are successful

I have A1533, the same as you JC. If I download GM on my phone from torrent 1, will I be able to update via air or itunes to the official version on the 17th? And is ios8 slowing down your 5s, or is it about the same?

My 5s is running perfectly. As for the update on the 17th, worst case scenario is that you would restore it through iTunes. There's really no way of knowing whether OTA will work, but since this is a leak of an official Apple IPSW it is strongly likely that OTA will function properly. I am enjoying the advancements of iOS 8 right now. It's smooth and everything is functioning thus far as I'd expect it to. This GM IPSW is the expected release build for next week, so unless some major flaw is discovered by devs, it will be the public release version. No slowness or lagging whatsoever for me on my 5s.

I'm not a devoloper, if I install this file on my 5s 1533, will it work?

Yes, if you install the GM for your 5s 1533, it will work, because that one does not require a developer account. But the betas before GM, such as ios beta 5 and prior would require a developer account.

has anyone used the torrent versions? when downloaded, the file name is: iPhone6,2_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw .... does this sound right to you guys?

Yep, that's what it should look like. That one would be for the A1457, A1518, A1528, or A1530 models.

hey all, went ahead and tried to update... got an error message, and now my phone's frozen. any ideas?!?

So, how do I keep my app data if I update to ios8? would it have to be backed up through icloud? Because I only have 5gb of storage, and thats not enough for all my app data.

i think you do it thru iTunes

update: I've used the Mega link, and the installation seems to be better. When i looked back, the torrent client said there was an error... i didn't notice this before. hope this helps...

I downloaded mine from Kickass torrent and in the instructions it says "once restored, go here to activate: [link removed]." Should I update and ignored that? Mine is a Iphone 5C

Don't do that. You don't need to activate anything... only pre-GM betas had to activate their UDID as a dev. They probably copied instructions from the last beta version they leaked. Do not give anyone your device info!

Thanks!!! Can I upgrade it from 7.1.1?

Should be able to, since this isn't an OTA update.

Important, I really need to know this. If I update to iOS 8, and backup my iOS 7.1.2 version, and phone data beforehand, will I be able to restore with the backup of iOS 7.1.2 until apple stops signing it on the 17th?

If you upgrade to the iOS 8 GM version, you cannot downgrade back to iOS 7.1.2. You can use that 7.1.2 backup to restore your apps/settings, but you will not go back to 7.1.2... you'll remain on 8.0. Once you upgrade to iOS 8 GM (now) or iOS 8 (on the 17th), there's no going back.

but I can update over-the-air to the new version which is out tomorrow???

And is the iPhone 5s model A1533 torrent 1 good for t-mobile CDMA phones? Or is there a more specific version for CDMA A1533 Tmobile phones?

Yep, that file should work just fine. I'd recommend using the Mega 1 link though.

Ok, and will I be able to update to future iOS versions from GM iOS8?

Should be able to. I got an OTA from the iOS 7.0 GM version to iOS 7.0.2 when it came out last year, if I remember correctly.

Ok, thank you! I'll tell you how it goes.

I just updated From 7.1.2, and am now using iOS 8! :D No problems so far, and there are a ton of cool new features.

I just installed iOS 8 on my iPhone 5. Everything seems ok, but iCloud does not want to sign it. It gives me a "verification failed" error, and keeps asking me for my iCloud password and then says it is incorrect. It is not incorrect. It does not allow me to turn Find my iPhone off either, and it says "you are not connected to the internet" error. It does not matter if I am on WiFi or if I am on LTE. Help!!??

Nevermind, I had the Onavo VPN installed and it was preventing iOS 8 from connecting to the internet. Uninstalled the profile and the VPN and everything was fine afterwards. No other problems so far.

Anyone else having problems getting Siri to search the App Store? She was supposed to be able to I thought.

I used the upgrade method instead of the restore and it worked like a charm. I had no issues and have all my apps, pics, data. Happy to say the phone is even smoother and responsive, not that it wasnt before. Keyboard improvements are awesome as well as messaging. And yes you can downgrade from this back to 7.1.2! You need have the ipsw file and update back to that version. You cannot go back to an earlier version of 8 though. **I DID NOT HAVE TO ACTIVATE BECAUSE I DID THE UPGRADE, NOT RESTORE! I can sync with iTunes with no activation errors!

Would there be any special steps or problems going to the public release when it comes up next week from the GM?

You would need to upgrade/downgrade back to 7.1.2 to get the official release from Apple. Same exact process you use to install iOS 8 but using the 7.1.2 files.

Didn't someone say you can't downgrade to 7.1.2 from the GM though?

I tried following the directions but still have no clue how to get the .ipsw on my phone, when i Alt+Click on Check For Update it just tells me my device is fully updated.

I figured out it was shift and not ALT But now while i was downloading it, it told me to connect to itunes so i had to go to recovery mode and restore. Does this mean i cant download iOS 8 GM? (Im running windows)

Boa noite ,
Instalei o IOS8 e agora quero restaurar e não consigo.
o que faço

Hi all,

If i will update it to GM version , Can i make further update through Apple server . I mean will i get notification from apple for the next updates?

If I install iOS 8 GM today, will my device receive over the air updates to 8.0.1 and so on when they're eventually released..?

It was a year ago, so I may be remembering this wrong, but I believe I kept the iOS 7 GM version and got an OTA for 7.0.2. I did not get an OTA for the main 7 public release version though. Again, I might be remembering this wrong. To be safe, just restore via iTunes to the public release version using a process similar to downgrading (I think there's a link in this article about that). There could always be bug fixes in the public version anyway. At least, I hope so, cause I've been finding a lot of bugs since I installed last week.

Iphone 5c A1532 which download link seems more safe to use ? and does any cause a problem ?

Well, at this point, you might as well just wait to get the OTA tomorrow if you're worried at all. :)

so, the iOS 8 is out tomorrow, will I be abble to update normally ''over-the-air'' from de GM version?

The GM version is the same version that's coming out tomorrow. You will not get an OTA, cause it's the same version. You will, however, get an OTA to 8.0.1 (or whatever the next update is) when available. And if, for some reason, they sneak in an important update, you should be able to just plug into iTunes and click "Update" to get the new version. If it says you're up to date, you're probably good until the next update.

heloo hackers.
i have iphone 5 geavy sim. can i update ios 7.1.1 to ios 8?
and one problem with my iphone i also install cydia,and when i reset the device , my i phone not reset please help me?

Tengo iPhone 3GS ¿Puedo actualizar iOS 6.1.6 a iOS 8?
Veo que no aparece la lista para instalar mi iPhone

Idioma: Español

Nope. The 3GS is not compatible with iOS 8, nor iOS 7.

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