How To: Get Android-Style Lock Screen Shortcuts to Favorite Apps on Your iPhone

Get Android-Style Lock Screen Shortcuts to Favorite Apps on Your iPhone

There are countless mods and apps for Android devices that give them an iOS-style look, but maybe it's about time we take some notes from Android, especially when it comes to the iOS 7 lock screen.

The lock screen on your iPhone should have more options than what Apple allows, and to that end, we've shown you a few tweaks that can help enhance it, like changing the "slide to unlock" text or applying a rising time bars theme, but those tweaks did little for actual functionality.

Now we have JellyLock7, the Android-like lock screen that gives us instant access to up to five apps of our choosing.

To get started, make sure you have a jailbroken iPhone, then head to Cydia to search for and install JellyLock7.

Fine Tune Your Preferences

After installation, head to your device's Settings to set up the app. By enabling Disable Default Unlock, we can disable the sliding gesture without removing our passcode, making sure to retain that security measure.

Other options include Appearance, like changing colors and blurring backgrounds.

Add Apps to Your Lockscreen

Simply select App Shortcuts and begin selecting as many as five of your favorite apps that you want available from your lock screen. If security isn't an issue for you, enable Skip Passcode to bypass your passcode and launch straight into your selected application.

You can have up to five apps, as well as the normal Camera shortcut, unless you disable it by toggling Hide Camera Icon.

Your New Androidified Lock Screen

With simple preferences to choose from, the process is quick and painless. Enjoy the Android-look and added convenience..

Don't let your Android-using friends get all the perks. Rub it in some faces, and check out the iOS hacks page here on iOS softModder for more awesome tweaks to show off.

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