Forum Thread: My iPad was stolen, but it says offline when trying to track it

Hi, I've just come back from Venice from the UK and my iPad was stolen. When I try to track it, it says it's offline. Can someone unlock it to use it?

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Is the flappy bird app a con, as I downloaded it today.

If it says offline, it's probably offline, i.e. not connected to a network. So you can't track it. Probably turned off. Someone could possibly unlock it after they power it on, but you should set it to remote wipe when powering on in your iCloud settings in the Find my iPhone section.

Not sure what you mean about Flappy Bird. It's not a con, and how did you download it? It's not available on iOS anymore.

friends . Who lost your iPhone, there is a great website where guys looking device . If someone has to be here , to their website . In my opinion , they are very useful ..

iphonetrace.c o m .
People who have to ask for help

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