News: What You Can Expect from the Apple iPad Air 2 (AKA iPad 6)

What You Can Expect from the Apple iPad Air 2 (AKA iPad 6)

Although we are months away from the next generation iPad, a model of what seems to be the iPad Air 2 has just been released on the interwebs for your lovely eyes to view.

Now, this video only talks about the actual dummy-model itself, but apparent are the new speaker grille, a thinner form factor than its predecessor, and recessed volume buttons.

Image via NWE

The most exciting thing about the Apple iPad Air 2, though, is the Touch ID home button.

Image via NWE

Now, before I got my iPhone 5S, I really didn't think the Touch ID button was all that special. But after my old iPhone's screen met the floor and cracked into a million pieces, I swallowed my pride, got the 5S, and realized that I absolutely adored the Touch ID—so much so that I find myself trying to use it on my Touch ID-less iPad. Suffice it to say, I'll be pretty stoked if it makes its way to the iPad Air 2 (or whatever Apple decides to call it).

No word yet on price, but the release date is predicted sometime around November, at the same time that iOS 8 becomes available to the public, though we'll be hard pressed to get any "official" word on any of this from Apple.

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I guess iOS 8 will be available for the normal users by the end of September. I'm also sure that all the upcoming "iDevices" will have Touch ID feature.

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