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Hello guys,recently i'm getting unknown apps installed on my iphone..Not just any apps.they are apps like the game mortal kombat,Avira antivirus,Damn daniel,etc...I had this before so i new formatted my iphone,erased everything.after i logged in the same apple id ofc..again with strange apps.I don't know if my apple id was hacked cause i don't think this is possible.I used it only on my phone,it's not even jailbroken.Please someone reply to me as soon as possible can my iphone be hacked?And if yes,in which way it is,adware or malware accesing ur pics calls camera.i logged in the same apple id on 2 phones but apps like that weren't on them..why on my phone?

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If you share your AppleID with friends or family or even just other iOS devices (iPad, iPod Touch, etc), then there is an option to auto-install any apps that get installed on other devices. Check to see if that's on, and disable it under:

Settings > iTunes & App Stores > check if "Apps" is turned on under "Automatic Downloads"

i know what you mean,but the thing is that the apps that i saw on my phone weren't on any of these phones,and too late i new formatted my iphone again,erased everything

What were the offending apps called?

mortal kombat,avira,Damn daniel ,and get followers fast, they are also on appstore

When you reset your phone, did you restore from iCloud backup? Do you sync with iTunes? If either of those have those apps installed, they'll sync back to your phone automatically after restoring. You can delete your iCloud backup from your settings (or chose not to restore from backup after resetting), and then in iTunes, go to apps and delete them from your computer.

no,i did the thing with set as new phone(as far as i remember),and these apps,i never installed them before.I don't understand...

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