Forum Thread: iPhone 6 Plus Won't Exit Restore Screen

I could use some help. My son has an old I phone 6 plus and I have the password to unlock his phone once I can get pass this message that pops up when I turn it on . . Does anyone know a way around uploading his phone to his computer and downloading the the newest app? Thank you

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Sorry for the late reply, but hopefully, you figured it out by now.

If you still see that screen, the first thing to try is just restarting it. Press and hold the home and side button together for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo appear, then let go.

If you still see the iTunes restore stuff again after that, yes, you might need to update the software on a computer. You would just make sure the latest version of iTunes is installed, then connect it via USB, then hit "Update" to reinstall iOS and keep all the data. Not ideal, but most likely the solution.

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