Forum Thread: I Have a Iphone with Broken Home Key I Am Trying to Jailbreak Using Redsnow on Pc

how do you get you iphone into dfu mode with a broken home key on pc

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There should be a way in RedSn0w. You'll need the IPSW for your phone first. Then, when you launch RedSn0w, go to Extras, then Even more, then DFU IPSW. That should let you select the IPSW you need to install. Once it's done, launch iTunes and find your iPhone. Locate the Restore button. Hold down Shift and hitRestore, then select the ENTER_DFU file in the folder that houses RedSn0w. Open and wait, then jailbreak. More help on this method here.

If you don't want to go through all of that, maybe try these tips first for fixing a broken Home button on the iPhone before continuing to jailbreak.

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