Forum Thread: I Phone 5c Bypass Activation Code? Possible? iOS8

Hello, i've got an iphone 5c, and i need to bypass the i cloud activation code when i restored it... i dont know any way how to do because all the peoples say its impossible... its crazy have a phone and cant used it because of this... is it really the truth that i cant do anything?

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its impossible to unlock icloud, believe me I tried. if you try to got to bell or something they will confiscate the phone.

your best bet is to send it abroad to get it unlocked or download and pay this website

but remember it may not be reliable

yes but doulci just works for ios7 :( thank you anyway...

No way known to humans or aliens to defeat this except entering the pass code.

Side note: GPS and cameras are active in this mode

Thank you for your answer, gps and camera work even if I had the phone turn off?

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