Forum Thread: Looking for a way to block texts from certain numbers on an iPhone 5

I'm looking for a way to block text messages from certain numbers on my daughter's iPhone 5. I can block through Verizon, but they still come through via an application. Verizon tells me they have nothing. Please help.

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You can block numbers from texting directly on your iPhone 5, as long as it's running iOS 7. Check out this tutorial for help. But, your daughter may still unblock them if she knows how. You can also block up to 5 for free with Verizon, but that's it, unless you want to pay more, and they can't block iMessages, which is probably what you mean when they still come through.

He may have meant apps like WhatsApp and Kik Messenger. Some third party appsgiv give you a second phone number.i don't know a solution for that.

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