Forum Thread: How do I delete strange app that appeared?

Hello, I recently downloaded iOS7. Today when I did an update of a game (4 Pics 1 Word) it created another strange looking app, I tried to attach a picture, but it didn't work. It's dark grey with lines and circles and I don't get the option to delete it. Do you know how I would get rid of this?

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Ooops, I should have removed the part that said "I tried to attach a picture, but it didn't work." That was part of an email I sent for help. I just want to get rid of the weird app. I don't get the x to delete it when I try.

That's a partially downloaded app (the icon hasn't finished downloading, showing that grid in its place). Reboot your device (hold down the power button until the slide to turn off bar comes down and slide it), then it should try to finish downloading when you turn your phone back on.

Yayyy, it worked. Thank you so much, I wouldn't have know that so I appreciate your help :-)

i have lost my camera after updated to am i going to get it back pls help.also i cannot delete applcations

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