News: HomePod Firmware Leaks iPhone 8 Design

HomePod Firmware Leaks iPhone 8 Design

Who knew the HomePod would stir up so much excitement?

Apple's soon-to-be home speaker is an intriguing product, if not a "must-have." I know I'm excited to compare it to the other big-name Bluetooth speakers out there to see if Apple is putting their money where their mouth is. But there's more important news to discuss — the HomePod's firmware has revealed some pretty big secrets about Apple's highly anticipated phone, most notably its bezel-less design, and facial recognition technology.

As TechCrunch reports, app and game designer Steve Troughton-Smith, dove into the HomePod's firmware, which Troughton-Smith believes was released accidentally. What he found was pretty cool — references to facial recognition in the Touch ID code, all but confirming one of the long-standing rumors of the iPhone 8.

Image by Steve T-S/Twitter

But it was what user Guilherme Rambo replied to Troughton-Smith with that really rocked the boat — an iPhone logo clearly designed with the bezel-less display.

Image by Guilherme Rambo/Twitter

This logo seems like a pretty big smoking gun. We've seen this design passed around for a while now, but this is the first time we've seen it from a seemingly official Apple link. Sorry, Apple — I think your secrets are, once again, officially spilled.

The Twitter posts have garnered a fair bit of attention from Twitter users and news outlets alike. Apple has had a problem in the past with major leaks going as far back as the iPhone 4 fiasco, and this seems like no exception to that record. As Troughton-Smith puts it:

A lot of people at Apple are going to have a nasty Monday…

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Cover image by Nobuyuki Hayashi/Flickr

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