News: iPhone 6 Spotted Again, & It's Bigger & Badder Than the 5S

iPhone 6 Spotted Again, & It's Bigger & Badder Than the 5S

Only a few months from its official September release, the iPhone 6 has been spotted in the wild again, giving us a better look at upcoming flagship device from Apple.

Jimmy Lin, who leaked images of the iPhone 5 a couple of years ago before its release, has now given us a better look at the iPhone 6. Below you can see larger iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch screen in comparison to iPhone 5S on the right.

iPhone 6 (left) and iPhone 5S (right). Image via Jimmy Lin

On his blog, Lin mentions that in addition to the screen being larger than previous generation iPhones, other changes include a smaller bezel, larger front-facing camera, power button slightly shifted to the right, no glass plating covering the top/bottom antennas on the back, and a metal finish on the outside.

Image via Jimmy Lin

Lin also adds that the round design of the iPhone 6 provides a better grip of the device, so that has to be good news for Apple users.

NWE also leaked several photographs from Macfixit of what it purports be the aluminum chassis for the iPhone 6, showcasing the thinner body of the device.

Images via

As for the design, it corresponds with previous leaks showing the larger screen and a thinner, rounder design. Expect the iPhone 6 to come out sometime in late September alongside iOS 8, along with a rumored 5.5-inch screen iPhone a few months after.

Check out Complex's rundown of all the recent leaks up until now:

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Cover image via Jimmy Lin

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Personally, I think the new grips are an eyesore; less elegant than the 5 models. And the aluminum finish looks too much like my MacBook Pro. But, I am looking forward to smooth edges.

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