How To: Get Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallpapers on Your iPhone

Get Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallpapers on Your iPhone

Samsung isn't set to reveal its latest and greatest — the Galaxy S10 line — until February 20, but that hasn't stopped leaks from giving us an early taste. While we already know what the rumored devices will probably look like, we now have access to their wallpapers as well. Apple fans don't need to be left out of the fun — someone has already cropped these images to fit your iPhone's display.

While IceUniverse and Ishan Agarwal seem to be the first to leak any S10 wallpapers, AR7 was the first to leak them all cut into iPhone-sized wallpapers in one shared a compilation. We don't know if AR7 (@AR72014 on Twitter) created these images himself, accumulated them other from other places, or got them from a Galaxy S10, but we do know the wallpapers fit, and that's good enough for us.

At this time, there are six Galaxy S10 wallpapers out in the wild. AR7 shared three different folders of the six wallpapers, one with iPhone X and XS wallpapers; one with iPhone XS Max and XR wallpapers; and one with standard iPhone-sized wallpapers.

While AR7 was kind enough to differentiate between the smaller and larger X models, the differences between the wallpaper sizes seem minor at best. Of course, the standard 16:9 wallpapers look much different, so that will be important o keep in mind when choosing which wallpapers to download.

Below are the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR versions. For the other ones, you can choose your wallpapers directly from AR7's Google Drive link. If that link is ever taken down, all the wallpapers can be found on MediaFire. Just download any and all of the wallpapers that fit your specific iPhone.

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Cover image by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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