News: First Look at the iPhone 6's Unbreakable Sapphire Crystal Display

First Look at the iPhone 6's Unbreakable Sapphire Crystal Display

It's increasingly difficult to keep any secrets at bay, and that has become especially true for Apple's upcoming iPhone 6.

For months, we've had leak after leak as to the new device's size and shape. Now, renowned tech reviewer MKBHD is showing the new iPhone's Sapphire display, and from the looks of it, Sapphire may just blow Gorilla Glass out of the industry.

While we already have a solid idea of the software the new iPhone will run—iOS 8—this leak adds some solid hardware to the mix of leaked slides, compiled images, and aluminum chasis.

A crystal-clear, see-through display that's scratch-proof and virtually unbreakable will certainly add durability to the next iteration of Apple's smartphone, but will it make it to their rumored 5-inch variation? Only time will tell, but at this point it may be a safe bet that we'll know before Apple is ready to tell us anything.

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Sapphire glass is pretty expensive to produce so that means we can expect the iPhone 6 to cost a lot more than the iPhone 5S.

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