News: Leaked iPhone 8 Screen Protector Could Provide Glimpse into What the Phone Looks Like

Leaked iPhone 8 Screen Protector Could Provide Glimpse into What the Phone Looks Like

Update 6/20/17: Olixar, a smartphone case manufacturer, has released images of an iPhone 8 case design. While at first glance this might seem to confirm the iPhone 8's final design, 9to5 Mac reports that Olixar admits they produced these renders based on "information and schematics they've acquired through their factories and contacts in the far east."

While we cannot verify these rumors, they align nicely with the screen protector rumor below. The chances seem good that this really will be what the iPhone 8 will look like.

Original Story

Last week, we were graced by one of the coolest iPhone rumors yet — a Reddit post claimed to show off leaked photos of the iPhone 8, 7S and 7S Plus displays. Straight from the manufacturing plant in China. As awesome as the rumor was, it was near-impossible to corroborate. Things have changed since then, as a video of an alleged iPhone 8 screen protector matches the pictures we saw last week.

As BGR reports, the video was first published Monday on Weibo. In its brief eight-second run-time, we can see the screen protector in full. Its shape is identical to the photos we saw last week, which means either both posts are fake, or we are looking at the 10th-anniversary iPhone display.

I hope it's the latter. Some, like BGR, have criticized the top bezel design, but I'm digging it. If Apple optimizes iOS to match this display, I have no doubt it's going to be an awesome experience.

The closer we get to fall, the hotter these rumors get. For all things iPhone 8, stick with Gadget Hacks.

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