News: New Leak Claims This Is the Final iPhone 8 Design

New Leak Claims This Is the Final iPhone 8 Design

Update: Twitter user Benjamin Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1), known for his iPhone renders, tweeted on Monday alleging that the leaks are fake:

This is glass made by Shenzhen manufacturers of protective glass. Fake. Not real iPhone parts.

(But look is close to reality)

No other confirmation has been given. We will update when we receive more information.

As is the usual case between iPhone cycles, the internet has been flooded by rumors surrounding Apple's 10th-anniversary edition phone. While we've seen more than our fair share, this latest one is pretty interesting — a simple Reddit post claims that they have screenshots of the final iPhone 8, 7S, and 7S Plus designs.

If you were scrolling fast, you may have missed this. Reddit user u/kamikasky posted two screenshots on Monday showing off the casings for the iPhone 8, 7S and 7S Plus. u/kamikasky claims that they received these photos from a friend working in China. Obviously, these claims cannot be verified, but the photos are pretty darn convincing.

Images via u/kamikasky/Imgur

Even Reddit, a place where complaining about everything is all too common, thought the designs looked, well, real. The only trending issue I saw was displeasure in the vertical dual cameras. The 7 Plus (and now, presumably, the 7S Plus) has its cameras aligned horizontally, a choice that seems to sit better with the iPhone Reddit community.

While these Redditors may not like the orientation of the cameras, they might like their application. This new camera system has been rumored to be designed for AR. While current iPhone technology allows for augmented reality, this camera system will provide developers with the tools to create more accurate and higher performing augmented reality.

As reported in this Next Reality article, Wingnut AR recently demonstrated what can be done with AR in iOS 11 alone. Imagine what could be done with a camera system designed for this technology. Hopefully, then, we'll get over the awkward aesthetics.

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Cover image by kamikasky/Imgur

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