News: iPhone 8 Leaked Without Touch ID, Includes Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 Leaked Without Touch ID, Includes Wireless Charging

It's Monday, and what's a Monday at Gadget Hacks without a new leak to ponder over? Thanks to known leaker Benjamin Geskin, we have a dummy iPhone 8 without one of its most-anticipated features.

That's right. This dummy ain't got no Touch ID!

So ... What does that mean for Apple lovers around the world? Well, no need to get ahead of ourselves here, because it's a possibility that Apple may have just seamlessly embedded the Touch ID sensor under the display.

UPDATE: A closer look revealed that the new leak by Geskin also reveals that the iPhone 8 may have wireless charging. Originally posted on Weibo, Geskin has detailed more of the schematics from his original leak.

There's no telling whether the iPhone will have a glass or metal case, but wireless charging usually won't work with a metal case due to its Qi or Power Matters Alliance (PMA), which are both wireless charging standards. This could indicate that the iPhone 8 will have a glass back.

Although, Qualcomm has a wireless charging method that works through metal, not many companies use it because the licensing is expensive. If Apple has figured out a way to work wireless charging into metal, then there's no telling if the phone will be made of glass or metal.

Images by Benjamin Geskin/Twitter

From what we do know, Geskin posted the CNC-modeled dummy iPhone 8 on Twitter, and it's allegedly based on specifications that came from Foxconn, the iPhone's manufacturer. In other words, the model is just an example based on current leaks and renderings of what the phone could look like, but it doesn't actually work. From the photos, we can see a vertically aligned camera on the back and an ultra-thin edge-to-edge bezel display, confirming some of the iPhone 8's design features.

The dummy looks to be without any sort of home button on the back or front. The only buttons we can see are the volume presses and mute switch on the left-hand side of the phone, and an added extra long power button on the right.

The model also appears to have a polished black stainless steel external structure, though the Apple logo is missing. The whole thing looks incredibly shiny, and Geskin calls the color of the rumored iPhone "Space Black." The leaker also goes on to tweet that the iPhone dummy screen is 7.1 mm thin and that it will be approximately the same size as the iPhone 7.

Only time will tell if the vertically stacked camera on the dummy will indeed be a 3D camera with the capability to integrate mixed reality, as has been rumored. Or, if Touch ID is in fact embedded into the display, as it looks to be here, it will make the iPhone 8 a sleek new edition of the iPhone flagship.

Or possibly, the smartphone could be an iPhone without Touch ID at all, breaking a lot of iPhone hearts out there excited for the sensor-driven fingerprint scanner that was supposed to run across the bottom screen as an intuitive user experience. All in all, the phone looks to be shaping up to be one very sharp and exciting must-have iPhone 8.

How's this little dummy iPhone 8 looking like to you all? Look good enough to buy? Or not so much? Spill below!

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Cover image via Benjamin Geskin/Twitter

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