News: Apple's iPhone 6 Might End Up as Big as the Samsung Galaxy S5

Apple's iPhone 6 Might End Up as Big as the Samsung Galaxy S5

If new leaked images are to be trusted, an iPhone with a display around 5 inches will be released later this year. From Italian site Macitynet, images show a device that's stated to be the new iPhone 6 side-by-side with the new Samsung Galaxy S5.

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A couple of weeks ago, I showed you leaked internal emails and memos that suggested Apple was concerned with not only Samsung's marketing strategy, but about the industry trend towards larger devices.

Additionally, we saw larger screens, molds, cases, and batteries for what is presumed to be the next iteration of the iPhone.

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Today's leaks confirm that the device is indeed approaching the 5-inch display smartphone market. Concepts iPhone has compiled more leaked images into a comparison video, showcasing the purported iPhone 6 with the iPhone 4S/5S.

Here's what we can glean from these leaks, if they are indeed from the new iPhone:

  • Sleep/Wake button has shifted from the top of the device to the right side
  • Bottom speaker grilles are minimal
  • Thinner, more rounded edges
  • Ring/Silent switch and Volume buttons remain on the left-hand side
  • SIM slot remains on the right-hand side, under the newly located Sleep/Wake button

These new leaks are in line with 86digi's machine model leak from last week, providing further verification of the Sleep/Wake button's move and the minimal speaker grilles...

...and with nowherelse's leak of the "Space Gray" build:

The number of rumors are sure to ramp up as we approach the official unveiling, but with multiple leaks highlighting similar forms, I think we're getting closer to seeing the real deal.

What do you guys think of the new design? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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