How To: The Hidden Action That Opens Apple Pay from Your iPhone's Lock Screen

The Hidden Action That Opens Apple Pay from Your iPhone's Lock Screen

I think everyone with an iPhone should be making every purchase they can with Apple Pay. I also think everyone who uses Apple Pay should open the Wallet app ahead of time, instead of simply tapping their iPhone to the card reader. But there's a much faster way to open Wallet than slogging through the sea of apps on your iPhone. You can open it right from the lock screen.

How? A good old fashioned double-click. If you have a Home button iPhone, quickly double-click the Home button. If you have a Face ID iPhone, double-click the Side button. When done correctly, your Wallet will pop right up on your lock screen, without you needing to unlock your iPhone.

Double-clicking the Side button on the lock screen activates Wallet. If your iPhone has a Home button, double-click that instead.

Not working for you? You likely do not have a purchase card enabled in Wallet. Merely having a rewards card, like Starbucks, won't cut it. The shortcut will only work if you have a credit, debit, or Apple Pay Cash card linked. Bit of a bummer if you only want to use Wallet for rewards cards, but, again, I can't recommend Apple Pay enough.

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