How To: Which iPhone 6 Size Is Best for You? Use Our Printable Cutouts to Find Out

Which iPhone 6 Size Is Best for You? Use Our Printable Cutouts to Find Out

Apple's new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus go on sale Sept. 19th, but pre-orders begin on Sept. 12th. If you're ready to trade in your iPhone 5 for one of these bigger and more iOS 8-friendly devices, you're probably going to pre-order.

UPDATE: We've also created printable cutouts for the new Apple Watch to help you determine what size you should get.

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One problem. Which size is best for you? Since there aren't any iPhone 6 variants anywhere in stores right now, how will you know which display size you like best—4.7" for the iPhone 6 or 5.5" for the iPhone 6 Plus?

These are the biggest screen upgrades the iPhone has ever had, so to help make sure you're getting one that feels comfortable in your hands, we've created a printable PDF for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sizes.

This image is not scaled. Please download the PDF file for real-life sizes.

Just download this PDF file, print it, then cut the device templates out to see if 5.44" x 2.64" (iPhone 6) or 6.22" x 3.06" (iPhone 6 Plus) is better for you. By comparison, the iPhone 5S is 4.87" x 2.31".

The depth for the iPhone 6 (0.27") and 6 Plus (0.28") isn't a huge leap from the iPhone 5S (0.30"), so if you put the cutouts on top of your current iPhone 5, you'll be able to get a better feel for how they'll be in your hand.

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Hi Justin, good idea - but the printed pdf cut-outs are actually not in the correct sizes. You state the correct sizes in the article but the cut outs don't match that. They are off by a couple of mm - the 6 cut out measures 65.7mm wide as opposed to 67mm, and 136.5mm height as opposed to 138.1. It's not a lot but spoils a good idea, especially when checking if the new iPhone will fit a hand/ pocket etc.

Make sure you have "Fit to Page" unchecked, or any other auto correct feature. This should fix the problem.

Close enough for me. Printout size will prob fluctuate based on printer/printer settings. Mine was like 1/32" smaller on the sides, but close enough for me to make a good preorder decision, though it would be nice if Apple had some on display at least in stores. Nothing beats the real thing.

The PDF link just brings me back to the same page, even though the status bar shows that it is going to open/save the PDF. Anyone else having this problem?

Try opening this guide up in an incognito/private mode window, then clicking on the PDF download, or try clearing your browser's cache.

Wondering what other women think of the size of the iphone6 plus ?

You might want to check the sizes and designs again, they are far too different.

Thanks for this (printed perfectly direct from ipad.) I went a step further using some spray adhesive and heavy cardboard to make a mockup. Definitely confirmed that the 6+ is too big for my jeans pockets (at least when sitting to be comfortable.) For the record I'm a 6'2" guy. I'm sure it'd be fine for my summer shorts though. Guess I'll be sticking to the regular 6. Darn, was hoping for that extra screen space, battery life, and optical stabilization on the camera.

Hmm... I might now be regretting my Plus size order. I already told myself no more phone in dress shirt pocket, but we'll see if I can get used to it in my jeans. Hope so, or I'll have to wear cargo pants/shorts all of the time. The OIS was just too tempting for me. Figured I could trade with someone later if we wanted to swap sizes.

The samsung s5 as a device is the same size as the iPhone 6. However, the samsung s5 screen size is the same size as the iPhone 6 plus. The screen on the plus is great. But i find the body is too big.

And if you add a case in top of that... well :/

Not only that, but for the same size body as the 6 Plus, you could get a 5.7-inch Note 3/4!

Call me biased, but...well, just call me biased. =)

iphone6 plus is too big for women and the size of iphone6 is much better.

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