How To: Downgrade iOS 11 Back to iOS 10.3.3 on Your iPhone

Downgrade iOS 11 Back to iOS 10.3.3 on Your iPhone

There's lots of new stuff in iOS 11, but just because things have changed doesn't mean they're better. So if you've updated to Apple's latest OS and decided it wasn't for you, you'll be happy to know that you can still go back to iOS 10.3.3.

But this window of opportunity for downgrading won't last forever. Now that iOS 11 has gone official, Apple will soon stop signing old firmware versions, meaning you won't be able to roll back unless you've saved your SHSHS2 blobs. So it's your last chance to get the Auto-Brightness setting back to normal or avoid other annoying changes.

Until that day comes, however, it's actually quite easy to revert to iOS 10.3.3. All you need is a Mac or Windows PC, and the process only takes a few minutes of work, so let's go ahead and get started, shall we?

Step 1: Disable 'Find My iPhone'

First, you'll need to disable Find My iPhone. To do that, head to Settings, then tap your name at the top of the list and select "iCloud." From here, select "Find My iPhone," then make sure to turn off the toggle switch on the following screen.

Step 2: Download the IPSW File for Your Device

Next, you'll need to download the iOS 10.3.3 IPSW file for your particular device. This is a firmware file you'll be installing with iTunes to roll back your operating system, and luckily, we have a highly trusted source where you can get this file. So head to the following link from your computer, then pick your device and model.

From here, choose iOS 10.3.3 when prompted, then click the "Download" button. The file is rather large, so it may take a while to download, but make sure to note the file's location once it's finished.

Step 3: Connect to iTunes

Next, connect your device to your computer with a Lightning cable, then open iTunes if it doesn't launch automatically. From there, make sure the phone icon appears near the top-left corner of the window — this signifies that iTunes has recognized your device.

Step 4: Put Your Phone into DFU Mode

Next, turn off your phone while it's still connected to the computer. This can be done by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button, then swiping the slider.

From there, you'll need to boot into DFU mode. This varies depending on what device you own.

  • iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: While the phone is turned off and connected to iTunes, press and hold the sleep/wake button for 3 seconds. From there, press and hold the volume down button while still holding the sleep/wake button. After 10 more seconds, release the sleep/wake button, but continue holding the volume down button. Wait 5 more seconds, then release the volume down button — if the screen is still black, you're in DFU mode. If you see the Apple logo or a "Connect to iTunes" message instead, try again.
  • iPhone 6s or older: While the phone is turned off and connected to iTunes, press and hold the home button and the sleep/wake button simultaneously. After 10 seconds, release the sleep/wake button, but continue holding the home button. Wait 10 more seconds, then release the home button — if the screen is still black, you're in DFU mode. If you see the Apple logo or a "Connect to iTunes" message instead, try again.

Once you've successfully entered DFU mode, iTunes will display a message confirming that the phone is in recovery mode. Click "OK" here.

Step 5: Install the Older Firmware

After that, if you're using a Mac, hold down the Option button on your keyboard. Otherwise, if you're running Windows, hold down the Shift button. While still holding the keyboard button, click "Restore iPhone."

Next, a file browser menu will appear — use this to find and select the IPSW file that you downloaded in Step 2. Once you've done that, click "Open."

After a few seconds, you'll see a popup informing you that iTunes will now install iOS 10.3.3 on your device. Click "Restore" here, then sit back and wait, because the process of installing the older firmware will take up to 30 minutes. Along the way, you may be prompted to enter your PIN on your device, so make sure to do that if asked.

Once iTunes has finished installing the older firmware, your device will automatically reboot. When that happens, go ahead and disconnect your phone from your computer.

Step 6: Restore Data from iCloud

Once the process has finished, run through initial setup on your iPhone, then select "Set Up as New" if you want a fresh start, or "Restore from iCloud Backup" if you want to get all your apps and data back. If going with the latter, just sign in with your Apple ID, then select the most recent iOS 10.3.3 backup, and your apps and data will be restored. You can also choose "Restore from iTunes Backup" instead if you archived iOS 10.3.3 before installing iOS 11.

At this point, you should be back to the comfy confines of iOS 10.3.3. But if you're having any trouble with the above downgrading method, let us know in the comment section below and we'll try to steer you in the right direction.

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trying to install from download it generates an error
factory default and restore automatically updates to iOS 11

I updated the guide with new instructions. The new method should work for anybody.

I downgraded my iphone 6 with this. And now it won't turn on. Instead it only shows the apple logo. I tried resetting it using my laptop and iTunes. And it won't just do. How do I fix this. I want to cry. Please respond as soon as possible.

I have exactly the same problem. the phone simply will not start. Apple logo only

Terribly sorry about that. It appears that some folks have issues when trying to downgrade without using DFU mode, so I've updated the instructions to a more universal method.

The new method outlined here should work if you're stuck on the Apple logo. Just do a hard reset by holding the power and home buttons for 10 seconds (or power and sleep/wake on iPhone 7 or newer), then immediately switch to the DFU button combo as outlined in Step 4. Once in DFU mode, the rest of the guide will work as depicted.

This method does not work. I have now managed to get my phone up and running again (iOS 11) by using the recovery mode option. It took several hours.

i did downgrade successfully, but my backup from ios 11, is icloud backup ios11 will work?

You can try it, but it might have new iOS 11 data that isn't compatible with iOS 10.3.3. It shouldn't be a major issue, but it may cause minor glitches here and there.

i tunes is not accept the restoring of the ios 11 backup

I am having trouble with Step 4. Despite repeatedly trying to "press and hold the home button and the sleep/wake button simultaneously" on the iPhone 6s+, I always get the apple logo and it restarts (in iOS 11, of course).

Okay, I got it on the sixteenth try. Things are looking good.

Thanks for the update. It's definitely pretty tricky, the timing has to be all but perfect.

Thanks! Worked perfectly on my iPhone 6 Plus.

Just one remark: when you release sleep/wake button, keep holding the home button until iTunes shows you the message about recovery mode. In my case it was about 10 seconds, not 5.

This worked on my iPhone 5s - thank you!!! I had to get a new phone today due to a swollen battery problem, and discovered the new phone would only upgrade to 11. My itunes backup from the old phone, however, was in 10.3. Getting 10.3.3 on the new phone let me get all my old settings, info, and apps back - yay!

Worked like a charm. My obsolete app is back up and running fine. Thanks!

I went through all of the steps and ultimately once the software extracted I got an itumes message that said an unknown error occurred (3194). Please advise.

Hello. Thanks for all of this. I'm also stuck where Bill is and continue to receive the (3194) error message. Any advice?

thanks for fucking up my phone. at least ios 11.0 worked!

Hi, when i go to the link to download the IPSW file, I get this message.

This firmware is not signed. This means you cannot restore to it in iTunes.

It is in red, but the picture you have of the file shows in green and says that it can be downloaded. Has something changed to the download file?


I am also getting the error 3194

Yeah unfortunately within the last week this information no longer works. Super sad day for all of us stuck with this shitty ass IOS 11.0.3 Paid a bunch of money for a nice phone and it doesn't even work. I was forced into updating to IOS 11 in order to set up my new phone.

I did use this a couple weeks ago on my last phone and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately Apple has blocked it from working any longer.

I get a message saying the file is no longer verified and it's refusing to restore my phone to iOS 10.

I was easily able to roll my 6S back to ios10 but my phone says there are "no icloud backups that are compatible with ios 10.3.3", which is total bs because I backed it up before I installed ios 11.

Anyone know how to get around this or is it yet another example of Apple being dicks?

I have an app that no longer works with ios11 and it has irreplaceable pictures and documents in it!!! Apple doesn't care and the app creator doesn't even acknowledge my emails to them!

Fake fake and FAKE!!. U cant donwgrade to a unsignificed ios version :) . !!!!
So dont even try. Its not working, and a waste of your time

I have an app that were deleted in the app store but still in my device. If I do this, will the app be deleted forever?

Everything works fine till I try and install the ipsw file. It gives a prompt "The iPhone "Iphone7" could not be restored. Declined to authorise this image on this device for this user."

So I tried another computer and still the same prompt

I too am getting the error 3194. Can you please assist me with this issue? Thank you!

March 30, 2018. Was not able to do this on an i-6 going from 11.3 (one day after its release) back to desired 10.3.3 (then not-signed by Apple) - Error 3194. Slight discrepancy and additional notes: The Apple logo briefly comes on during the first power/wake button press; iTunes responds with "...must check software..." (must do); recovery mode is announced; a notification of " will be erased, and will verify the restoration with Apple"; extracts software; other fast messages (preparing phone); error 3194; OK; device not recognized on iTunes; was able to get the phone back (was not able to a second time making this more-detailed message description); went through restore steps (Windows 10); restored data; re-initialized phone; then it updated all my apps which I did NOT want it to do (Apple's restoration logic).

I downgraded my iphone 6 with this. And now it won't turn on. How do I fix this. I want to cry. Please respond as soon as possible.

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