How To: Take Full Control Over “Low Battery” Alerts on Your iPhone

Take Full Control Over “Low Battery” Alerts on Your iPhone

The prevalence of smartphones has had profound effects on how we communicate, view media, and preserve memories, among other things. But all of these new forms of doing things are snatched away from us as soon as our phones lose power. While work is constantly being done to stretch and extend battery life, it hasn't moved fast enough for the vast majority of us.

To this end, most manufacturers, including Apple, instill mechanisms into their operating systems to let users know when it's time to charge, or think about charging, their devices. As my battery hits twenty percent, an alert will notify me that I need to get to a power source before my phone dies.

Unfortunately, there's no setting or preference that allows iOS users to edit the percentage the triggers the alert. What if I want to get a heads up closer to thirty or even fifty percent?

There may not be a standard way of doing this, but with a jailbroken iOS device, you can fully customize battery alerts, including the popup message that comes with them, by using developer Grandfather Paradox's tweak, Power Informer.

Step 1: Install Power Informer

Just open up Cydia on your jailbroken iOS device to search for and install "Power Informer," then hit the "Restart ReSpring" button to apply the tweak.

Step 2: Customize Your Battery Alert

By accessing the Power Informer preferences through your Settings app, you can do a number of cool things. Firstly, you'll want to enable the service, after which you can disable the 20% alert and set your own, as well as the increments for the alert.

You also have the the ability to edit the text that shows on your alert, like the "Dismiss" option that I changed to "Shut Up."

Now that your preferences are tailored the way you like them, your alerts will come in when you designated them to and with a little more personal flare.

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