How To: The 10 Best Notification Center Tweaks for Your iPhone

The 10 Best Notification Center Tweaks for Your iPhone

Probably the most under-utilized feature in iOS 8 is the Notification Center, a powerful tool for quickly viewing app alerts, checking your calendar, reading notes, playing music, and so much more.

While there are already hundreds of apps that take advantage of iOS 8's widget feature, there's a whole other world of features that you can add the Notification Center if you have a jailbroken iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Below are our ten favorite jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8's Notification Center.

#1: Hide Status Bar, Today Date, & Separator

HideMe8, from CP Digital Darkroom, allows you to hide UI elements from all across iOS 8, including the Notification Center. You can hide the bottom separator, status bar, and date with the help of a few toggles from the settings page.

#2: Remove Widget Headers

An easy way to clear up some of the clutter in your Notification Center is to use Steve Rolfe's noNCheader tweak, which hides the app headers. Removing the app headers will not bring the widgets closer together, but will just leave a blank space where the header should be, which I personally prefer.

(1) With headers, (2) Without headers

Install Steve Rolfe's Chesmieser repo by going to Cydia -> Sources -> Edit -> Add, then entering "," which is where you'll find the noNCheader tweak.

#3: Clear Your Notification Center with One Tap

It's annoying having to tap twice in order to clear each section of notifications in your Notification Center, but with OneTapClear from developer Rave, you can clear each section with a single tap.

#4: Tweet, Facebook, Email, & More Directly from the NC

Previous versions of iOS allowed users to send tweets and post updates to Facebook directly from the Notification Center, until the feature vanished in iOS 8. Share Widget for iOS 8, from autopear, brings back Facebook, Twitter, and other share widgets to the Notification Center. Just tap on an icon to share something, or hold down on it to upload a photo.

#5: Customize the Today Date

Add some life to your Notification Center with NC Date Customizer, also from developer autopear. With it, you can customize the Today view by configuring its visibility, alignment, margins, and text color.

#6: Create Notes Directly from the Notification Center

NoteDash is an iOS app we recently covered that allows you to write down important notes through the app and view them from the Notification Center. NCMemo, from Adolfoi, improves on NoteDash by not only allowing you to view notes from the NC, but also write them directly from there, as well as change the background and text color to your liking.

#7: Increase the Amount of Notification Lines

FullNC, from developer iTurki, is a simple tweak that increases the amount of lines that show up for a notification, from 4 to up to 20. This helps when you want to quickly view a long notification without having to open it.

#8: Add Dates & Allow an Unlimited Amount of Notifications

When you receive notifications, the Notification Center shows a maximum of ten for each application. This means that if you've received 25 text messages, you'll have to go into the Messages app to view them in their entirety (and you might not want to do that, especially if you have read receipts and don't want the other person to know you read their messages).

Mikoto, a jailbreak tweak from angelxwind that we've previously covered, allows you to have an unlimited amount of notifications on your Notification Center.

Check out our full guide on Mikoto if you're interested in other amazing jailbreak features such as disabling the lock screen camera icon, enabling background playback in YouTube, adding contact icons to the Messages application, and so much more.

#9: Swipe Down to Get the View You Want

Faster access to which Notification Center page you want to view is always good. NCObey, from Max Katzmann, allows you to swipe down from either the left or right side of the screen to pull up different views of the Notification Center.

If you pull down from one side, you can even swipe your finger to the other side to switch views.

#10: Pull Down Only from the Middle of the Screen

Similar to the previous tweak, CenterStage by Greeny changes the way you pull down the Notification Center, allowing you to only view it by pulling down directly from the middle of the screen. If you accidentally swipe the Notification Center or just want to create more room for Activator gestures, CenterStage is the perfect tweak for you.

Install Greeny's Repo by going to Cydia -> Sources -> Edit -> Add, then entering "," where you'll find the CenterStage tweak.

Have any other worthwhile Notification Center tweaks that you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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