News: Always-Updated List of iOS App URL Scheme Names

Always-Updated List of iOS App URL Scheme Names

If you've ever customized your app icons or played around with Shortcuts (previously called Workflow), you probably know how important URL scheme names are. Nearly all iOS apps assign themselves one of these names, and you need to know them if you want to add custom icons to your home screen or create a Shortcuts workflow that opens an app on your iPhone up.

Finding the URL scheme name, also known as a URI scheme, for a particular app is not easy. First, you have to download the IPA file for the app — a difficult task since the iTunes 12.7 update removed iOS apps from it. When you finally find the IPA, you have to turn it into a ZIP file, show the contents of the app package, then hunt for the specific PLIST file that contains the URL schemes. It's a lot of work.

This example shows the URL schemes for VSCO in one of its PLIST files.

Right now, the easiest way to download IPA files is to use Apple Configurator 2. After signing in and connecting your iPhone, you can view and update apps that need it. Any apps you update this way will be stored temporarily in an Apple Config folder in the "Group Containers" folder in your user library. But it's still a lot of work and requires that the app you need has an update you can apply.

If all you want to do is create a custom app icon or open the Netflix app from a workflow you're toying with, we'll try to make things as easy as possible for you by listing below all of the URL scheme names for apps that we know of right now. Also, when we come across them, we'll not only include the "open" schemes, but some deep links URL schemes to jump to specific tasks inside an app.

While the list below may seem small considering there are over 2 million apps in the App Store, it's a work in progress, and we'll keep adding to it as we discover more URL schemes for popular apps and games on iPhone.

Quick Guide to Using URL Schemes in Shortcuts

Before moving on to the list, let's do a quick lesson on using URL schemes in the Shortcuts app. When iOS 13 came out, Shortcuts removed the need to use any "open" URL schemes since it added a new "Open App" script that will let you choose any app on your iPhone. That makes things so much easier.

Still, if you prefer the old way, want to use deep links, or want to know the base URL scheme to investigate for possible deep links, check out the first screenshot below. You input the URL scheme into the "URL" web action, then use the "Open URLs" web action below it to perform the task. It's essentially the same as using the "Open App" script seen in the second screenshot below.

URL schemes are more handy for deep links where you want to perform a specific action. As seen below, you can see I'm opening up the "Customize Controls" settings in the "Control Center" preferences.

URL Schemes for Popular iOS Apps & Services

Any ones below without anything after the :// are just schemes to open the apps up, while ones with information after the :// are for performing "deep link" specific actions within the apps. Also, while all of the below include the :// in them, most can be used with just : instead of with the // symbols.

Keep in mind that developers may change the URL schemes for their apps at any time. Apple did for certain iOS services, such as links to specific settings that worked prior to iOS 11. Some URL schemes you can probably even guess since a lot just use their app's name as the scheme name. Trial and error!

Also, anything below that starts with fb*:// are Facebook deep links which should work whether or not you have Facebook installed on your device. Since they don't always work as expected, we've only included them in the list below if they had no other URL scheme name. Otherwise, fb*:// schemes are omitted.

Apple-Branded Apps & Services

Open = music://
Open = musics://
Open = audio-player-event://

Open radio = itsradio://
Open radio = itsradios://
Open radio = itunesradio://
Open radio = itunesradios://  (just opens Music)
Open = applenews://
Open = applenewss://
  • App Store:
Open = itms-apps://
Open app = itms-apps://
Search = itms-apps://
Top charts = itms-apps://
Open = videos://
Open = calshow://
Open = x-apple-calevent://
Add calendar = webcal://SuscribeLinkForTheCalendar
Open = clips://
Open = contacts://
  • Diagnostics:
Open = diagnostics://
Open = diags://
Start audio call = facetime-audio://TheirPhoneNumberOrEmailAddress
Start audio call = facetime-audio-prompt://TheirPhoneNumberOrEmailAddress
Start video call = facetime://TheirPhoneNumberOrEmailAddress
Start video call = facetime-prompt://TheirPhoneNumberOrEmailAddress
  • Feedback:
Open = applefeedback://
Open = findmyfriends://
Open = fmf1://
Open = grenada://
Open = fmip1://
  • Game Center:
Open = gamecenter://  (pre-iOS 11)
Open = itms-gc://  (pre-iOS 11)
Open = itms-gcs://  (pre-iOS 11)
Open = garageband://
Open = ibooks://
Open = itms-books://
Open = itms-bookss://
Open = appleiclouddrive://  (pre-iOS 11)
Open = imovie://
Open = remote://
Open = itms://
Open = itmss://
Open = itms-itunesu://
Open = map://
Open = maps://
Open = mapitem://
Open = message://
Start draft with recipient = mailto://TheirEmailAddress
Start draft with recipient, cc = mailto:TheirEmailAddress?cc=TheirEmailAddress
Start draft with recipient, bcc = mailto:TheirEmailAddress?bcc=TheirEmailAddress
Start draft with recipient, subject = mailto:TheirEmailAddress&subject=Your%20Subject%20Text
Start draft with recipient, body = mailto:TheirEmailAddress&body=Your%20Body%20Text
Start draft with recipient, CC, BCC, subject, body = mailto:TheirEmailAddress?cc=TheirEmailAddress?bcc=TheirEmailAddress&subject=Your%20Subject%20Text&body=Your%20Body%20Text

[You can make other combinations above using the above identifiers]
  • Messages:
Open text for contact = sms://TheirPhoneNumber
Open = mobilenotes://
  • Phone:
Call contact = tel://TheirPhoneNumber
Call contact = telprompt://TheirPhoneNumber
  • Photos:
Open = photos-redirect://
Add feed by URL = feed://
Add feed by URL = podcast://
Add specific feed by URL = feed://TheUrlOfTheFeed
Add specific feed by URL = podcast://TheUrlOfTheFeed

Browse = pcast://
Browse = itms-pcast://
Browse = itms-pcasts://
Browse = podcasts://
Browse = itms-podcast://
Browse = itms-podcasts://  (displays a "can't connect" error)
Open = x-apple-reminder://
  • Safari:
Search = x-web-search://
Open FTP file = ftp://LocationToFileOnFtpServer
Open HTTP site = http://WebsiteURL
Open HTTPS site = https://WebsiteURL
  • Settings:
Open = App-prefs:// or App-prefs:
Open = prefs:// or prefs:
Open = prefs:root

Accessibility = prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY
Apple Pencil (iPad-only) = prefs:root=Pencil
App Store = prefs:root=STORE
App Store ⇾ App Downloads = prefs:root=STORE&path=App%20Downloads
App Store ⇾ Video Autoplay = prefs:root=STORE&path=Video%20Autoplay
Battery = prefs:root=BATTERY_USAGE
Battery ⇾ Battery Health (iPhone-only) = prefs:root=BATTERY_USAGE&path=BATTERY_HEALTH
Bluetooth = prefs:root=Bluetooth
Books = prefs:root=IBOOKS
Calendar = prefs:root=CALENDAR
Calendar ⇾ Alternate Calendars = prefs:root=CALENDAR&path=Alternate%20Calendars
Calendar ⇾ Sync = prefs:root=CALENDAR&path=Sync
Calendar ⇾ Default Alert Times = prefs:root=CALENDAR&path=Default%20Alert%20Times
Calendar ⇾ Default Calendar = prefs:root=CALENDAR&path=Default%20Calendar
Camera = prefs:root=CAMERA
Camera ⇾ Record Video = prefs:root=CAMERA&path=Record%20Video
Camera ⇾ Record Slo-mo = prefs:root=CAMERA&path=Record%20Slo-mo
Cellular = prefs:root=MOBILE_DATA_SETTINGS_ID
Compass = prefs:root=COMPASS
Contacts = prefs:root=CONTACTS
Control Center = prefs:root=ControlCenter
Control Center ⇾ Customize Controls = prefs:root=ControlCenter&path=CUSTOMIZE_CONTROLS
Display = prefs:root=DISPLAY
Display ⇾ Auto Lock = prefs:root=DISPLAY&path=AUTOLOCK
Display ⇾ Text Size = prefs:root=DISPLAY&path=TEXT_SIZE
Do Not Disturb = prefs:root=DO_NOT_DISTURB
Do Not Disturb ⇾ Allow Calls From = prefs:root=DO_NOT_DISTURB&path=Allow%20Calls%20From
Emergency SOS = prefs:root=EMERGENCY_SOS
Face ID = prefs:root=PASSCODE
FaceTime = prefs:root=FACETIME
Game Center = prefs:root=GAMECENTER
General = prefs:root=General
General ⇾ About = prefs:root=General&path=About
General ⇾ Software Update = prefs:root=General&path=SOFTWARE_UPDATE_LINK
General ⇾ CarPlay = prefs:root=General&path=CARPLAY
General ⇾ Background App Refresh = prefs:root=General&path=AUTO_CONTENT_DOWNLOAD
General ⇾ Multitasking (iPad-only) = prefs:root=General&path=MULTITASKING
General ⇾ Date & Time = prefs:root=General&path=DATE_AND_TIME
General ⇾ Keyboard = prefs:root=General&path=Keyboard
General ⇾ Keyboard ⇾ Keyboards = prefs:root=General&path=Keyboard/KEYBOARDS
General ⇾ Keyboard ⇾ Text Replacement = prefs:root=General&path=Keyboard/USER_DICTIONARY
General ⇾ Keyboard ⇾ One Handed Keyboard = prefs:root=General&path=Keyboard/ReachableKeyboard
General ⇾ Language & Region = prefs:root=General&path=INTERNATIONAL
General ⇾ Dictionary = prefs:root=General&path=DICTIONARY
General ⇾ Profiles = prefs:root=General&path=ManagedConfigurationList
General ⇾ Reset = prefs:root=General&path=Reset
Health = prefs:root=HEALTH
iCloud = prefs:root=CASTLE
iCloud Backup = prefs:root=CASTLE&path=BACKUP
Mail = prefs:root=MAIL
Mail ⇾ Preview = prefs:root=MAIL&path=Preview
Mail ⇾ Swipe Options = prefs:root=MAIL&path=Swipe%20Options
Mail ⇾ Notifications = prefs:root=MAIL&path=NOTIFICATIONS
Mail ⇾ Blocked = prefs:root=MAIL&path=Blocked
Mail ⇾ Muted Thread Action = prefs:root=MAIL&path=Muted%20Thread%20Action
Mail ⇾ Blocked Sender Options = prefs:root=MAIL&path=Blocked%20Sender%20Options
Mail ⇾ Mark Addresses = prefs:root=MAIL&path=Mark%20Addresses
Mail ⇾ Increase Quote Level = prefs:root=MAIL&path=Increase%20Quote%20Level
Mail ⇾ Include Attachments with Replies = prefs:root=MAIL&path=Include%20Attachments%20with%20Replies
Mail ⇾ Signature = prefs:root=MAIL&path=Signature
Mail ⇾ Default Account = prefs:root=MAIL&path=Default%20Account
Maps = prefs:root=MAPS
Maps ⇾ Driving & Navigation = prefs:root=MAPS&path=Driving%20%26%20Navigation
Maps ⇾ Transit = prefs:root=MAPS&path=Transit
Measure = prefs:root=MEASURE
Messages = prefs:root=MESSAGES
Music = prefs:root=MUSIC
Music ⇾ Cellular Data = prefs:root=MUSIC&
Music ⇾ Optimize Storage = prefs:root=MUSIC&
Music ⇾ EQ = prefs:root=MUSIC&
Music ⇾ Volume Limit = prefs:root=MUSIC&
News = prefs:root=NEWS
Notes = prefs:root=NOTES
Notes ⇾ Default Account = prefs:root=NOTES&path=Default%20Account
Notes ⇾ Password = prefs:root=NOTES&path=Password
Notes ⇾ Sort Notes By = prefs:root=NOTES&path=Sort%20Notes%20By
Notes ⇾ New Notes Start With = prefs:root=NOTES&path=New%20Notes%20Start%20With
Notes ⇾ Sort Checked Items = prefs:root=NOTES&path=Sort%20Checked%20Items
Notes ⇾ Lines & Grids = prefs:root=NOTES&path=Lines%20%26%20Grids
Notes ⇾ Access Notes from Lock Screen = prefs:root=NOTES&path=Access%20Notes%20from%20Lock%20Screen
Notifications = prefs:root=NOTIFICATIONS_ID
Notifications ⇾ Siri Suggestions = prefs:root=NOTIFICATIONS_ID&path=Siri%20Suggestions
Passwords & Accounts = prefs:root=ACCOUNTS_AND_PASSWORDS
Passwords & Accounts ⇾ Fetch New Data = prefs:root=ACCOUNTS_AND_PASSWORDS&path=FETCH_NEW_DATA
Passwords & Accounts ⇾ Add Account = prefs:root=ACCOUNTS_AND_PASSWORDS&path=ADD_ACCOUNT
Personal Hotspot = prefs:root=INTERNET_TETHERING
Personal Hotspot ⇾ Family Sharing = prefs:root=INTERNET_TETHERING&path=Family%20Sharing
Personal Hotspot ⇾ Wi-Fi Password = prefs:root=INTERNET_TETHERING&path=Wi-Fi%20Password
Phone = prefs:root=Phone
Photos = prefs:root=Photos
Privacy: prefs:root=Privacy
Privacy ⇾ Location Services = prefs:root=Privacy&path=LOCATION
Privacy ⇾ Contacts = prefs:root=Privacy&path=CONTACTS
Privacy ⇾ Calendars = prefs:root=Privacy&path=CALENDARS
Privacy ⇾ Reminders = prefs:root=Privacy&path=REMINDERS
Privacy ⇾ Photos = prefs:root=Privacy&path=PHOTOS
Privacy ⇾ Microphone = prefs:root=Privacy&path=MICROPHONE
Privacy ⇾ Speech Recognition = prefs:root=Privacy&path=SPEECH_RECOGNITION
Privacy ⇾ Camera = prefs:root=Privacy&path=CAMERA
Privacy ⇾ Motion = prefs:root=Privacy&path=MOTION
Reminders = prefs:root=REMINDERS
Reminders ⇾ Default List = prefs:root=REMINDERS&path=DEFAULT_LIST
Ringtone = prefs:root=Sounds&path=Ringtone
Safari = prefs:root=SAFARI
Safari ⇾ Content Blockers = prefs:root=SAFARI&path=Content%20Blockers
Safari ⇾ Downloads = prefs:root=SAFARI&path=DOWNLOADS
Safari ⇾ Close Tabs = prefs:root=SAFARI&path=Close%20Tabs
Safari ⇾ Page Zoom = prefs:root=SAFARI&path=Page%20Zoom
Safari ⇾ Request Desktop Website = prefs:root=SAFARI&path=Request%20Desktop%20Website
Safari ⇾ Reader = prefs:root=SAFARI&path=Reader
Safari ⇾ Camera = prefs:root=SAFARI&path=Camera
Safari ⇾ Microphone = prefs:root=SAFARI&path=Microphone
Safari ⇾ Location = prefs:root=SAFARI&path=Location
Screen Time = prefs:root=SCREEN_TIME
Screen Time ⇾ Downtime = prefs:root=SCREEN_TIME&path=DOWNTIME
Screen Time ⇾ App Limits = prefs:root=SCREEN_TIME&path=APP_LIMITS
Screen Time ⇾ Always Allowed = prefs:root=SCREEN_TIME&path=ALWAYS_ALLOWED
Shortcuts = prefs:root=SHORTCUTS
Siri = prefs:root=SIRI
Sounds = prefs:root=Sounds
Settings ⇾ TV = prefs:root=TVAPP
Voice Memos = prefs:root=VOICE_MEMOS
VPN = prefs:root=General&path=VPN
Wallet = prefs:root=PASSBOOK
Wallpaper = prefs:root=Wallpaper
Wi-Fi = prefs:root=WIFI
Open = shortcuts://
Create new shortcut = shortcuts://create-shortcut
Open shortcut = shortcuts://open-shortcut?name=Your%20Shortcuts%20Name
Run shortcut = shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=Your%20Shortcuts%20Name
Run shortcut with text string input = shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=Your%20Shortcuts%20Name&input=text&text=What%20You%20Want%20To%20Input
Run shortcut with input from clipboard = shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=Your%20Shortcuts%20Name&input=clipboard
Open = voicememos://  (could work in the Notification Center)
  • Wallet:
Open = shoebox://
Open = itms-watch://
Open = itms-watchs://
Open = workflow://
Create workflow = workflow://create-workflow
Open a workflow = workflow://open-workflow?name=TheNameOfWorkflow
Run a workflow = workflow://run-workflow?name=TheNameOfWorkflow&input=Input
Open the gallery = workflow://gallery
Search the gallery = workflow://gallery/search?query=YourQuery

Third-Party Apps & Services

Just like the list above, the below apps will mostly show the basic open links for third-party apps, and some of the URIs may also come attached with more detailed deep links.

Open = 360://
Open = achievement://
Open = airmail://
Start draft = airmail://compose
Start draft with recipient = airmail://compose?to=TheirEmailAddress
Start draft with recipient, cc = airmail://compose?to=TheirEmailAddress&cc=TheirEmailAddress
Start draft with recipient, bcc = airmail://compose?to=TheirEmailAddress&bcc=TheirEmailAddress
Start draft with recipient, subject = airmail://compose?to=TheirEmailAddress&subject=YourSubjectText
Start draft with recipient, body = airmail://compose?to=TheirEmailAddress&plainBody=YourBodyText
Start draft with recipient, HTML body = airmail://compose?to=TheirEmailAddress&htmlBody=YourBodyHTML
Start draft with recipient, CC, BCC, subject, body = airmail://compose?to=TheirEmailAddress&cc=TheirEmailAddress&bcc=TheirEmailAddress&subject=YourSubjectText&plainBody=YourBodyText

[You can make other combinations above using the above identifiers]
Open = airtable://
Open = amc://
Open = fb1414385748867269suffix://
Open = fb1761190244145574amplifi://
Open = ancestry://
Open = anchorfm://
Open = anchorfmspotify://
Open = asana://
Open = sketchbook://
Open = bofa://
Open = bestbuy://
Open = com.popcap.ios.BejBlitz://
Open = com.popcap.ios.BejBlitz.From.Bej3://
Open = com.popcap.ios.BejBlitz.From.Bej2://
Open = ea850758://
Open = ea47862://
Open = placeholder://
Open = imoji://
Open = bitmoji-sdk://
Open URL = brave://open-url?url=
Open = brushstroke://
Open = com.21awake.buddhify2://
Open = cakeslice://
Open = havecake://
Open = cameraplus://
Open = carbmanager://
Open = squarecash://
Open = cashme://
Open = citiglobal://
Open = clashofclans://
Open = wxfa242abf8cdd841a://
Open = tencent1105771533://
Open = tencentlaunch1105771533://
Open = dolphin://
Open = doordash://
Open = fb225826214141508paid://
Open = dbapi-1://
Open = ddgLaunch://
Open = ddgQuickLink://
Open = duolingo://
Open = com.duolingo.DuolingoMobile
Open = videoleap://
Open = Evernote://
Open = fb://
Open = facetune://
Open = fandango://
Open = filmicpro://
Open = firefox://
Open URL = firefox://open-url?url=
Open URL = firefox-focus://open-url?url=
Open = fitbit://
Open = flickr://
Open = foxapp
Open = fb300802074142783://
Open = gboard://
Open = googlegmail://
Open = goodreads://
Open = google://
Open = googleassistant://
Open = googlecalendar://
Open = googledocs://
Open = googledocs-v2://
Open =
Open = googlechrome://
Open = googledrive://
Open = googleearth://
Open = comgoogleearth://
Open = googlehome://
Open = chromecast://
Open = chromecast-la://
Open = comgooglekeep://
Open = googlemaps://
Open = googlephotos://
Open = googlesheets://
Open = googletranslate://
Open = googlevoice://
Open = gospellibrary://
Open = halide://
Open = headspace://
Open = heosbydenon://
Open = hbogo://
Open = hbonow://
Open = hulu://
Open = hyperlapse://
Open = x-icabmobile://
Open = imdb://
Open = insight://
Open = instagram://
Open = kahoot://
Open = kasa://
Open = lastpass://
Open = launch://
Open = memrise://
Open = litely://
Open = loseit://
Open = merc:
Open = fb-messenger://
Open URL = microsoft-edge-http://
Open URL = microsoft-edge-https://
Open = ms-outlook://
Open = ms-outlook-shared://
Open =
Open = ms-outlook-accepts-attachments://
Open = x-msauth-outlook-prod://
Open for Intune mobile app management = ms-outlook-intunemam://
Open for Intune mobile app management = ms-outlook-accepts-attachments-intunemam://
Open = planner://
Open = powerpoint://
Open = word://
Open = moviepass://
Open = msnbctve://
Open = nflx://
Open = opera-://
Open = paypal://
Open = photon://
Open = photoscan://
Open = pinterest://
Open = pocket://
Open = readitlater://
Open = pocket-oauth-v1://
Open = en-readitlater-5776://
Open = com.ideashower.ReadItLaterPro3://
Open = com.ideashower.ReadItLaterPro://
Open = com.ideashower.ReadItLaterProAlpha://
Open = com.ideashower.ReadItLaterProEnterprise://
Open = polymail://
Open = protonmail://
Open = puffin://
Open = quizizz://
Open URL = mttbrowserhd://url=
Open = reflectly://
Open = reflectlylink://
Open = rstotalecompanion://
Open = learnlanguages://
Open = samsiphone://
Open = samsclub://
Open = shazam://
Open = shazam-v8://
Open = com.shazam.Shazam://
Open = com.shazam.encore.Shazam://
Open = shazamfree://
Open = sgnl://
Open = simplemind://
Open = skype://
Open = slack://
Open = sleepcycle://
Open = snapchat://
Open = readdle-spark://
Start draft = readdle-spark://compose

Identifiers to tack onto the start draft scheme:
[add "?" after "compose" for first one]
[then add "&" for each additional one]
Add recipient address = recipient=TheirEmailAddress
Add email subject = subject=YourSubjectText
Add email body text = body=YourBodyText
Add cc recipient address = cc=TheirEmailAddress
Add bcc recipient address = bcc=TheirEmailAddress

Examples of identifier combinations:
Start draft with recipient = readdle-spark://compose?recipient=TheirEmailAddress
Start draft with recipient, subject = readdle-spark://compose?recipient=TheirEmailAddress&subject=YourSubjectText
Start draft with recipient, subject, body = readdle-spark://compose?recipient=TheirEmailAddress&subject=YourSubjectText&body=YourBodyText
Start draft with recipient, cc, bbc, subject, body = readdle-spark://compose?recipient=TheirEmailAddress&cc=TheirEmailAddress&bcc=TheirEmailAddress&subject=YourSubjectText&body=YourBodyText
Open = speedtest://
Open = spotify://
Open = steller://
Open = streaks://
Open = telegram://
Open = tg://
Open = tgapp://
Open = ton://
Open = today://
Open = todayCheckinHabit://
Open = trello://
Open = tumblr://
Open = twitch://
Open = twitter://
Open = tweetbot://
Open = ucbrowser://
Open = udemy://
Open = vimeo://
Open = vsco://
Open = waze://
Open = worldofgolf://
Open = wgtapp://
Open = whatsapp://
Open = WordsWithFriends3://
Open = WordsWithFriends3://
Open = wunderlist://
Open URL = yandexbrowser-open-url://
Open = ynab://
Open = youtube://
Open = zuludesk://

If you know the URL scheme name or action to an app not featured here, let us know. We encourage the support of our community to help us build this list up!

Also, it's worth noting that Apple has been trying to wean developers off URL schemes since iOS 9.2 in favor of universal links, but URL schemes are nowhere near dead. And with Apple turning Workflow into its own Shortcuts app starting in iOS 12, an app that even has its own scheme, there's no reason to believe URL schemes are going away anytime soon.

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Need URL to open Amazon Fire TV Remote App

Bank of America - bofa://

  • Airtable- airtable://
  • Kahoot!- kahoot://
  • Enlight videoleap- videoleap://
  • Microsoft PowerPoint- powerpoint://
  • Microsoft Word- word://
  • Microsoft Planner- planner://
  • ZuluDesk Student- zuludesk://
  • Quizizz- quizizz://
  • Headspace: Guided Meditation- headspace://
  • AutoDesk Sketchbook- sketchbook://
  • SimpleMind + (Possibly Non-plus, if you have that instead?)- simplemind://
  • Evernote- Evernote:// (Not sure if you have it, but I used find on page. No matches)

I was really excited about finding new URL Schemes after half an hour of guessing them.

I need the scheme for bbc Bitesize

Thank you, added them all to the list!

Glitchy URL Scheme that apparently does nothing at first that I am too scared to do further testing with- showme://

I just did some further testing, and the scheme has stopped working. Might be a glitch worthy of its own article?

Some other URL schemes:

Buddhify: com.21awake.buddhify2://
Insight Timer: insight://
Carb Manager: carbmanager://
Kasa: kasa://
Lose It!: loseit://
Memrise: memrise://
Reflectly: reflectly://, reflectlylink://
Rosetta Stone: rstotalecompanion://, learnlanguages://
Sleep Cycle: sleepcycle://
Streaks: streaks://
Today (Habit Tracker): today://, todayCheckinHabit://
Trello: trello://
Udemy: udemy://
YNAB (You Need a Budget): ynab://
Gospel Library: gospellibrary://

CC: @Justin Meyers (In case you are updating this page)

Nice, thanks. Added them all to the list. :)

I'm building a PWA and it's no problem opening an IOS App like WhatsApp ( - YouTube (

Here is my stupid question:

I need a converter which converts e.g. Netflix: Open = nflx:// or: to an HTML or something else I can use in the PWA?

Hopefully someone has a great solution??
Kees from Holland

Does anyone know what the url scheme is for:
Money Easy
BenefitsMobile (MyBenifits CalWin )
FaceDown Video
Friendly T (Friendly for Twitter)

Please, I need URL to open "Apple TV Remote App"

Spark also supports &

Hope that helps!

Thanks, added to its section. :)

Polymail is only polymail:// so far to open it...I'm asking if they have a URL scheme

Can anyone help me with the URL scheme for the Xerox Workplace app?

Thanks in advance.

Can you add the install shortcut scheme to the shortcuts and workflow sections?

Install Shortcut = shortcuts://shortcuts/ShortcutID

Install Shortcut = workflow://shortcuts/ShortcutID

• Stock Apps / Apple:

Voicemail: vmshow://
Phone: mobilephone://
Phone (Recents): mobilephone-recents://
Phone (Favorites): mobilephone-favorites://
Messages (another option): sms-private://TheirPhoneNumber
Messages (opens chat with latest contact): itms-messages://
Clock (World Clock): clock-worldclock://
Clock (Alarm): clock-alarm://
Clock (Bedtime): clock-sleep-alarm://
Clock (Stopwatch): clock-stopwatch://
Clock (Timer): clock-timer://
Settings (TV Provider): prefs-tvprovider://
App Store (Account Settings): itms-ui://
Health: x-apple-health://
Health (another option): x-argonaut-app://
Files: shareddocuments://
Files (Connect to Server): smb://
Contacts: contact://
Calculator: calc://
Apple TV: videos://
Home: x-hm://
Reminders (another option): x-apple-reminderkit://
Stocks: stocks://
Tips: x-tips-widget://

• Some third-party Apps:

6pm: sixpm://
Microsoft Authenticator: msauth://
8mm: nx8mm://
WiFi Map (free): freewifimap://
Facebook Messenger (share page): fb-messenger-share://
AirDroid: sandstudio-airdroid://
TuneIn Radio (free): tunein://
Weather Underground: wxunderground://
NordVPN: nordvpn://
ZOOM Cloud Meetings: zoomus://
Steam Chat: steamchatmobile://
Tripadvisor: tripadvisor://
PlayStation App: scepsapp://
Canva (Graphic Design & Video): canvaeditor://
PicsArt: picsart://
Airbnb: airbnb://
Uber: uber://
Launcher: launcher://
TeamViewer (Remote Control): tvcontrol1://
Reddit: reddit://
SoundHound: soundhound://

Hello - how can you specifically go to settings->location services-> safari websites ? (from a web link like <a href="prefs-tvprovider://">Click here to go to TV Provider Settings</a>

If that is not possible to go that many level deep, what about to location services? if that is not possible what about privacy? The goal is to get all the way to settings->location services-> safari websites

Shortcuts open gallery - shortcuts://gallery

Shortcuts, Run shortcut. Shortcuts://run-shortcut?Name=Name&Input=Input

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