How To: Hate Apple's New Maps App in iOS 6? Try Out One of These Free Alternatives on Your iPhone

Hate Apple's New Maps App in iOS 6? Try Out One of These Free Alternatives on Your iPhone

To say that I am disappointed with the new Maps application in iOS 6 is an understatement. And it seems like the rest of the world is with me, so I needed to find a solution—and quick. Installing the Google Maps web application is a nice quick-fix, but those looking for a beefier navigation solution should check out one of these free map apps.

Scout by Telenav

Scout is probably the most legit free map app in the Apple App Store right now. Telenav hopes to take advantage of the disappointment in Apple's new Maps by offering an entire year of free turn-by-turn direction, as well as voice-activated searches. For those still rocking the iPhone 4 or 3GS, Siri enhanced turn-by-turn navigation isn't available through the new Maps app, so this is a huge plus.

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In a company blog post, Telenav reaches out to all iPhone users, urging them to try out the Scout app before the offer expires this Friday, September 21—so hurry up!

The app offers a ton of extras including real-time rerouting, movie showings, Wi-Fi locations, and a ton of other stuff. You probably won't find a better free map application out there right now so, I would suggest getting this download as soon as you can.

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Bing Maps

For those that don't care about turn-by-turn navigation and just want a simple and free alternative, Bing is a nice app to have. The Microsoft application has a built-in map function that provides many of the things Google Maps used to. It has transit routes, walking routes, and an accurate map.

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Got any other map apps that you like as a viable alternative to Apple's new Maps?

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