How To: Satisfy Your Craving for Brains with These 10 Free Zombie Games for iPad, iPhone, & iPod Touch

Satisfy Your Craving for Brains with These 10 Free Zombie Games for iPad, iPhone, & iPod Touch

Halloween is right around the corner, so it's only right that we get into the holiday mood with my favorite revenant creatures of the night—zombies (or zombis, if you prefer).

So, if you're licking your lips over wearing that gruesome living dead Halloween costume of yours this year, a zombie movie marathon could help curb your flesh-eating appetite, but you can't really watch zombie flicks everywhere you go.

What's the next best way to suppress your hunger for brains? Zombie games, and here are my top ten free zombified iOS games on my iPhone right now. Some of them may offer in-app purchases, but for the most part, you can play these without ever spending a dime.

#1. Into the Dead

Not your typical zombie game, Into the Dead is an endless runner version, with very impressive graphics, that allows you to pick up crates full of guns and ammo to use on the undead. As you earn points (for distance and kills), you'll be able to purchase perks before each run— armed starts, ammo boost, dog companion, and more.

Notable Mention: If you want another runner, check out Running Dead, which is very similar except that there's an aerial view as you run through an abandoned town of zombies.

#2. Dead Trigger

This first person shooter features all the blood and gore you'll ever need, as well as a large arsenal of weapons. As you progress through the levels in Dead Trigger, you'll earn money to buy weapons, ammunition, and health. You can enjoy the regular story mode or take on random missions, but whatever you pick, you'll be sure to encounter a load of zombies to kill.

#3. Age of Zombies Lite

As all around bad-ass commando Barry Steakfries, you'll travel back to prehistoric times in this arcade shooter game. In Age of Zombies Lite, you'll not only have to kill hordes of pesky zombies—you'll also have to take on an undead boss T-Rex.

There is also a pro version of Age of Zombies for $0.99, which gives you more levels, but the lite version should be good enough to hold you over until Halloween ends.

#4. Contract Killer: Zombies

As a contract killer, your job as a wheelchair-ridden old guy is to protect survivors at all cost and kill the zombies in the way. As you play on in Contract Killer: Zombies, you'll be given an arsenal of sniper rifles, assault guns, and grenade launchers.

There is also a sequel available, if you dig it that much.

#5. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Sequel to the original tower-defense strategy game, Plants vs. Zombies 2 takes you back in time to fight ancient zombies, with your legion of killer plants. As you push through the game, you'll be able to collect power-ups as well as brand new plants and zombies.

#6. Zombie Highway

As you drive down the barren desert in Zombie Highway, your only objective is to survive and drive as far as you can. It won't be easy, as zombies will pounce on your car as you drive near them, so you'll either have to knock em off or shoot em off. With patience, you'll rack up better weapons, faster cars and deadlier zombies.

There is also a Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed, a spinoff of Zombie Highway, but unfortunately it's not free.

#7. Gunner Z

Storm through the infected city with a heavy duty armored Hummer in Gunner Z, blasting the mutant zombie soldiers with an arsenal of machine guns and bombs, all with a night vision view to match.

#8. Call of Mini: Sniper

Perched behind a protective barrier in Call of Mini: Sniper Lite, you can shoot down zombies in different terrains such as schools, carnivals, and playgrounds. Save the humans and get them into safety as you hold the horde off. If the zombies get to you, it's all over.

The lite version has some limitations, but lucky for you, the Call of Mini: Sniper pro version is currently free, so make sure to grab it before the deal ends.

#9. Dead Ahead

Reminiscent of old arcade games, Dead Ahead follows you as you ride through the undead streets on a motorcycle, taking on hordes of zombies at a time. The longer you play, the more you can upgrade your bike and weapons, making the ride to hell a bit easier.

#10. The Walking Dead

Just like the TV show, The Walking Dead game has consequences to every action you take. As you progress through, you'll be asked to make quick decisions that can impact not only your life, but that of others.

While the first chapter of the game is free, you'll have to purchase the rest if you want to continue playing. And trust me, you will.

What Are Your Favorite Zombie Games for iOS?

If you think I didn't show a game that should have been mentioned, let me know in the comments. There are a lot of zombie games for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, but these ten were by far my favorite free ones.

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