News: Are You on the iOS 11 Developer Beta? Version 4 Is Available Now

Are You on the iOS 11 Developer Beta? Version 4 Is Available Now

There's good news for iOS 11 beta testers — Apple just dropped the fourth version of the iOS 11 developer beta today. That means the newest iOS 11 public beta 3 will be released in a day or two.

Betas can be a fun way for users to test out the newest versions of their favorite software, all while helping the developers of said software find bugs and flaws. iOS has a lot of beta fans, who, God help 'em, will put up with a buggy iPhone for half a year just to try out the newest of the new, myself included. I jump on every update to the beta, since each is usually an improvement over the last iteration.

For example, iOS 11 Dev Beta 4 solved an issue I was having with 3D Touch — if I continued to hold down an app's icon on the home screen after applying 3D Touch, it would trigger my iPhone to customize the home screen. The 3D Touch effect would cancel out, and the apps would all start shaking. This would happen every time. I can now confirm iOS 11 Dev Beta 4 fixes this issue, to anyone who suffered a similar, agonizing 3D Touch experience.

And, yes, I use 3D Touch.

Image by 20th Century Fox Television/Arrested Development

Apple also fixed a haptic-feedback issue on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, where the haptic-feedback would occasionally make a click or pop sound during a force refresh. Other changes include improvements to Siri's on-screen legibility and overall performance, as well as a myriad of bug fixes. You can also now clear individual notifications away in the Cover Sheet.

If you want to see similar improvements made to your iOS 11 Beta experience, you can find the update from Settings -> General -> Software Update. If you aren't on the beta but would like to be, check out our walkthrough here to get set up.

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