News: iOS 11.2 Beta 2 Released with Apple Pay Cash, iPhone X Wallpapers, New Pricing Tools

iOS 11.2 Beta 2 Released with Apple Pay Cash, iPhone X Wallpapers, New Pricing Tools

Apple released the second version of its iOS 11.2 developer beta Monday, exactly one week from beta 1, then opened up the public beta version on Tuesday. While beta 2 has been available on iPhone X since Friday, Nov. 3, all compatible iPhones can now update to this version.

The major change for all iPhones adds Apple Pay Cash support in iOS 11.2 beta 2. If you've downloaded the update, you will see a prompt to activate Apple Pay Cash the first time you open Messages, starting on Nov. 7. This is a long-awaited feature was first announced all the way back in June at WWDC, and is just now finding its way to iPhones.

The other universal change for iPhones adds a feature for developers to add discounted pricing for auto-renewable services to first-time customers. It will be interesting to follow which services will take advantage of this option.

For the iPhone X, the biggest change came in the form of three new live wallpapers. These wallpapers are the ones seen in the iPhone X commercials, which feature brightly-colored sand moving to the user's 3D Touch.

Speaking of iPhone X, the iOS 11.2 beta has been the root of some grief for owners of the newest Apple device. Apple pulled the first build of the iOS 11.2 beta for the iPhone X, meaning if you tried setting up an X from an older iPhone running that beta, the process would fail on you. If you make a backup with an iPhone running iOS 11.2 beta 2 first, you'll be fine, as the iPhone X is compatible with that version of the beta.

For all changes made in the first beta of iOS 11.2, check out the link below.

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