News: Apple Releases iOS 13.3.1 Public Beta 3 for iPhone

Apple Releases iOS 13.3.1 Public Beta 3 for iPhone

While some of us thought Apple might pass on a new beta update in favor of an official release, it appears iOS 13.3.1 is here to stay in beta testing. This time, it didn't take four weeks to get here. The third public beta for 13.3.1 is now available, eight days after the release of public beta 2.

Apple released public beta 3 at 4 p.m. EST (1 p.m. PST) today, Wednesday, Jan. 22, three hours after seeding dev beta 3 to developers. If you're a public tester, you'll know that the dev beta is exclusively for developers, as you need a developer beta profile to download and install the update to your device. Public betas, on the other hand, are open to anyone with a compatible iPhone, but usually come out three hours after the developer beta.

You might not find that three-hour wait to be worth it for this update. Since dev beta 3 came out before public beta 3, we already got a chance to check for any new features or changes. The verdict? There's not much to say. There are no surface-level changes for us to report at this time. Even Apple's release notes only mention one developer-exclusive issue, although that is a step up from the empty release notes we received for the first and second 13.3.1 betas.

iOS & iPadOS 13.3.1 Beta 3 Release Notes


The iOS & iPadOS 13.3.1 SDK provides support for developing apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS & iPadOS 13.3.1. The SDK comes bundled with Xcode 11.3 available from the Mac App Store. For information on the compatibility requirements for Xcode 11.3, see Xcode 11.3 Release Notes.


UI tests using the XCTest framework are currently unable to interact with embedded web views (UIWebView, WKWebView, SFSafariViewController and ASWebAuthenticationSession) inside of apps. (58576627)

Something could come up eventually, though. Beta 2 appeared to be a nothing-update as well, until Brandon Butch uncovered a new option to disable location services for the UWB chip found in the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Maxthree full days after Apple released the update.

To download and install iOS 13.3.1 public beta 3, sign up through Apple's beta site, download and install the configuration profile, then update over the air. If you already have the profile, go to Settings –> General –> Software Update to begin the installation of the latest beta build, or you can wait until it installs automatically if "Automatic Updates" is enabled.

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Clicking or clearing any one iOS mail app notification to view that mail removes all the existing mail notifications from the notification centre - including those mail notifications which are not clicked or opened.

It is observed for all types of mail accounts- IMAP, Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, Outlook etc. Issue still unresolved on iOS 13.3.

This also happens when any one of the mail notifications showing up on the paired apple watch are clicked or cleared from the watch, which results in all the existing mail notifications getting removed from the iPhone notification centre as well as the watch.

What is expected:

Only that mail notification should get deleted from the notification centre, which had been clicked or cleared on the notification centre and not all the other remaining mail notifications.

Currently accepting a Calendar invitation received in an Outlook/ Exchange/ Office 365 account from inside the native Calendar app of iOS deletes the invitation email.

This issue occurs only on Outlook/ Exchange/ Office 365 type invitee accounts (and not sender's) since only they generate the three response options in the Calendar app- "Yes"/ "Maybe"/ "No".

Microsoft does provide this feature (non-deletion of invitation email) in its iOS Outlook Client. Microsoft's own Client- Outlook for iOS does not delete the invitation mail if the invite is accepted from inside the iOS Outlook app Calendar section by pressing RSVP. This indicates that there are perhaps APIs of Outlook/ Exchange accounts exposed by Microsoft for adoption in Calendar apps running on iOS.

This is exactly the behaviour desired in iOS Calendar app which should not delete the invite mail upon acceptance of invite- to retain as evidence.

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