News: Apple Releases Developer Beta 6 to Put the Finishing Touches on iOS 10

Apple Releases Developer Beta 6 to Put the Finishing Touches on iOS 10

Apple has been aggressively smashing bugs with its last few updates to iOS 10, so it seems like all of the major work is done. With the iPhone 7 release date approaching fast, it's a good sign that the only remaining hurdles are relatively minor and cosmetic tweaks (though they still need to add the song lyrics they showed off a few months ago).

iOS 10 developer beta 6 was pushed out alongside the fifth public beta today, and finishing touches are the central theme in both. If you're interested in trying out the latest public beta right now, just follow these easy instructions—but in the meantime, let's take a look at all the new stuff.

The latest beta version of iOS tweaks several transition animations. So far, we've noticed that the unlock animation appears to be a lot smoother, and the app-closing animation is a lot more fluid in certain circumstances. Previously, when pressing your home button immediately after launching an app, the opening animation would abruptly stop, then transition to the closing animation. Now, both animations play out in all their glory.

Additionally, there was a glitch in developer beta 5 that caused the dock background to move over when changing home screen pages in some circumstances. This appears to have been fixed in developer beta 6, so that was resolved quickly.

We're still looking for additional changes, and we'll update this article with anything we find, so stay tuned for more. If you've noticed anything we haven't covered, let us know in the comment section below.

Overall, the fact that the changes are only minor speaks volumes about how close we are to the official iOS 10 release. There's no official date set just yet, but we're expecting the new operating system to debut in mid September.

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Cover photo by Justin Meyers/Gadget Hacks

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