How To: Tweet Live Photos by Converting Them to GIFs in Twitter

Tweet Live Photos by Converting Them to GIFs in Twitter

While Apple's Live Photos feature was introduced back on the iPhone 6S, the rest of the world hasn't entirely caught up. Many apps don't accept the feature, making it difficult to share your fun memories with friends, family, or followers. You can strike Twitter off that list, though, as the app now completely supports Live Photo sharing.

To begin, start a new tweet, then tap the "photo" icon on the left-most side of the composer's menu bar. Alternatively, you can long-press the composer button, then tap or slide-and-release on the photo icon. Next, select your Live Photo from the gallery. You can locate it from the default view, but you can also access your Live Photos album by tapping "All photos," then "Live Photos" from the options.

With your photo selected, tap "Add." Finally, tap "GIF" in the bottom left of the photo preview. That's it! Twitter changes your Live Photo into a GIF, ready to be shared with the world. It's not exactly the same as being able to upload and view real Live Photos in tweets, but it sure beats having to convert them to movie files first.

You can see how this works in Twitter's promotional video below. For now, we know that the feature applies when using the Twitter app itself, but it may not work when sharing a Live Photo to Twitter or when using the web app in a browser.

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Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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