How To: The Easiest Way to Share Your iPhone's Live Photos with Android Users

The Easiest Way to Share Your iPhone's Live Photos with Android Users

Live Photos are a fun way to relive memories, but there's a problem: unless you're only friends with Apple users, sharing Live Photos isn't quite as fun. Without a third-party converter, you can't share your Live Photo in all its moving glory. That is, until iOS 13, where you can quickly turn your Live Photos into videos.

Converting a Live Photo in iOS 13 is super easy. Simply open Photos, then open the Live Photo in question. Next, tap the share button in the bottom-right corner of the display, then scroll down and tap "Save as Video." If your Live Photo is stored in iCloud Photo Library, it'll need to download first. You'll then see iOS saving the new video.

Once complete, you can head to your Videos folder or "All Photos" to share the once Live Photo to your heart's content. Just keep in mind this video will have the same time and date as your Live Photo, so it will be sorted accordingly in your library.

If you don't see this option here, it's likely you have a Live Photo effect enabled. Swipe up on the Live Photo to reveal the effects browser. If either "Loop," "Bounce," or "Long Exposure" are enabled, simply tap "Live," and repeat the steps above.

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Cover image, screenshots, and GIF by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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