Caution: Here's All the Apps That Are Buggy or Broken on iOS 12 Beta for iPhone

Here's All the Apps That Are Buggy or Broken on iOS 12 Beta for iPhone

The iOS 12 beta has already earned admiration for its superior performance to last year's controversially buggy iOS 11. That doesn't mean it's free from problems, however. The latest from Apple has plenty of bugs and glitches of its own to contend with, many of which, unfortunately, affect the apps we use every day.

But that isn't necessarily iOS 12's fault. In the early stages of a beta, many developers haven't optimized their apps to work on the latest beta release. While some apps might continue to operate just fine, others can see disastrous consequences when using any beta version of iOS.

All issues need to be understood within context, however. We're currently in an open beta for iOS 12, for developers and public beta testers, so issues should be the only expectation of any user who installs the update on their device. Nevertheless, it's helpful to know which apps to watch out for, to limit as many unwanted surprises as possible.

Much of the compilation below would not have been possible without the extensive cataloging of MacRumors user eish2306, but we've also added buggy apps our users found, as well as ones we've personally experienced. This article will be updated to match the most recent beta version of iOS 12, as well as the most recent updates to each app, so some of these apps may be marked as fixed below.

Apps with Minor or Annoying Bugs

The following is a bit of a mixed bag. Some apps here have presented an issue or two worth noting as "minor," which won't stop your use of the app, but might give you a chuckle if you run into them. Others, on the other hand, are more disruptive, ranging from frequent crashes to the inability to log in under certain circumstances. Take a look at this list to see how — if any — of your apps are affected in iOS 12.

Keep in mind that developers may update their apps at any time, so these issues may disappear after updating your app — if an update is available.

  • 1Blocker X: Extra space under search on iPhone X.
  • Box: Photos are not properly aligned.
  • Bank of America: Some users might be unable to log into or view account information. FIXED
  • Barclays UK: Crashes frequently, within the minute.
  • Clash Royale: Lags with brightness all the way down.
  • Google Maps: Search bar occasionally shrinks when using the app. Also, on the iPhone X, GPS may take a little bit before it's correct.
  • Gospel Library: Left-side tab headers under "Notes" and "Tips" are cut off.
  • Hulu: Content may fail to load occasionally.
  • Ingress: Freezes minutes after starting. Workaround: quit via the app switcher, then reopen.
  • iSmartAlarm: Can't log in due to "No internet connection" on iPhone 8 Plus.
  • LDS Tools: Search/filter bar glitches when rotating to landscape.
  • MoviePass: Taking a picture of a ticket stub can cause the app to crash (for those who need to verify ticket purchases). If you start a help ticket, you'll get the following warning: "We do not advise MoviePass members to install iOS 12 on their main devices as they may experience crashes that are outside of MoviePass' control or power to fix at this time."
  • Netflix: Some report that it "loads" endlessly or will not allow users to log in. Apple states that it may crash when downloading a video. FIXED
  • NPR One: Playback controls render at an incorrect proportion.
  • OkCupid Dating: Profile pictures not aligning correctly.
  • OpenVPN Connect: Need a certificate for authentication to log in on an iPhone X. Fix coming this summer.
  • Photos: Whenever tapping on an Effect Suggestion, the app crashes. (Experienced on an iPhone X, but works on other models.)
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary: Text does not appear in lists — users report "dark mode" is a workaround.
  • PUBG Mobile: Game can crash on iPhone 5S.
  • RunKeeper: GPS seems to be inaccurate and unstable on iPhone X, which will affect exercise tracking.
  • Street Fight IV Champion Edition: Crashes when starting a ranked match.
  • Telegram Messenger: Home screen improperly scaled on iPhone X.
  • Traktor DJ: Audio stops when connected to Z1 controller.
  • Twitter: When trying to log into your account, you may be presented with a blank screen preventing you from doing so.
Pleco (left), NPR One (middle), and Box (right).

Apps That Are Downright Broken

The following apps aren't like the ones we've listed above. You won't simply run into mild-to-bad bugs because you won't be able to use these apps at all. Some might not let you log in under any means, while others just simply refuse to launch.

Again, keep in mind that developers may update their apps at any time, so these issues may disappear after updating your app — if an update is available.

CareCredit (left), HSBC (middle), and Skype (right).

While the number of apps on this list might be a bit of a shock to you, take comfort in knowing we're still in the early days of iOS 12. These developers are all going to update their apps to work with this latest iOS update in due time, perhaps even before the next iOS 12 beta drops. Most of these issues will be faint memories by iOS 12's official release in a few months time.

If you have any interest in trying out iOS 12 before then, make sure to check out our guide for a complete walkthrough on downloading and installing the beta on your iPhone. After getting it, make sure to update your apps frequently to make sure any patches devs add after the fact will fix apps you're having issues with.

Cover image, screenshots, and GIFs by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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