How To: iOS 11.1 Is Showing a Home Bar on Some Non-iPhone X Models — Here's the Best Fix

iOS 11.1 Is Showing a Home Bar on Some Non-iPhone X Models — Here's the Best Fix

Did you want an iPhone X, but opted for the iPhone 8 instead? Or, maybe you aren't ready to upgrade from your 7, 6S, 5S, or what-have-you. Did you know iOS 11.1 lets you experience what it would be like if you had upgraded to the iPhone X? Well, in a way.

iOS 11.1 beta users are reporting that a bug with Apple's latest beta causes the home bar from the iPhone X to appear on the bottom of their iPhones. And, since the iPhone X isn't even out for preorder yet, it seems safe to say that these users are not running iOS 11.1 on an iPhone X. What is this issue, and how can you stop it from happening?

The Problem

Here's the thing — betas are always buggy. It's just in their nature. Users test out preliminary versions of software so that developers know what they need to fix. Apple's betas are no different, which is obvious to anyone who ran iOS 11 betas over the summer.

But the iOS 11.1 beta displaying a home bar at the bottom of your display is ... kinda weird.

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While simulating the iPhone X experience may sound appealing, this glitch is a glorified watermark on your traditional iPhone display. Gestures will not work, whether you try to swipe to go home, or swipe for multitasking. It just sits there, taunting you.

The Solution

If you enjoy lying to yourself about what iPhone you have, maybe this bug is for you. However, if you'd rather not see it, consider downgrading back to iOS 11.0.2, at least until the official build of 11.1 is released.

You can use the following guide to downgrade your iPhone back to iOS 11 stable, but make sure to download an iOS 11 IPA file when you get to Step 2. Otherwise, the steps would be the same, with one addition: Uninstall your beta profile when you're done.

Did downgrading solve your iOS 11 problems, or are you still experiencing issues? Let us know in the comments below!

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